The 13 Best Coffee Shops In Philadelphia

Coffee shops are bliss. The hum of the espresso machine grinding away, the jingle of a bell as you open the front door, the murmurs of patrons around you gossiping about their personal lives, and a perfectly concocted latte to sip on are just a few of the ingredients that make a coffee shop warm and inviting. Even though most cafes have all of those baseline elements, there are always other factors to set them apart.

The decor, quality of the coffee, owners, environment, location, accessibility, seating availability, playlist, and energy are just a few of those unique factors at each coffee shop. In Philadelphia, there is no shortage of locally-owned cafes. This may surprise you if all you know about Philly revolves around its famed cheesesteaks and sports teams. But in reality, you could walk five minutes in almost any direction and hit a coffee shop if you so pleased. Sure, you could go to ol' reliable Starbucks and Dunkin' — and no judgment if you do — but when you're in a place with so many fun, interesting options, it would be silly not to try at least a few of them out. And who knows! Maybe in your exploration, you'll find your new favorite hole in the wall to sink into a corner chair with your cup of chai and read your favorite book.

Because of the (slightly obscene) amount of coffee shop options in Philly, we've done the work of narrowing down the best ones to check out.

Talula's Daily

If you've been to the restaurant Talula's Garden but haven't checked out the adjacent coffee shop Talula's Daily, then you're in for a treat. Located right next to Washington Square, Talula's Daily has been serving up specialty lattes and sandwiches since 2013. A large floor-to-ceiling shelving unit serves as the backdrop for the baristas' area, and it's a feature wall that will make you want to whip out your phone and snap a pic for Instagram. Seriously, the olive green-painted walls and meticulously stacked kitchenware, next to the tall chalkboard corner featuring the newest original lattes, makes you think you're walking into a Pinterest board. But it's not just the aesthetics of this place that wow.

The vanilla latte here is one of the best we've ever had, and we've never been disappointed with any other drink we've gotten from Talula's. Along with craft drinks comes a wide food menu, but you'll never have to worry about waiting for your meal to be prepared before your lunch break is over and you have to rush back to the office –- there is a conveniently-placed grab-and-go refrigerated section tucked to the right side up the three steps. Freshly-made sandwiches, salads, juices, and more are situated in this area. And if you're not in a rush? That works, too, as there are many large wooden tables, some elevated circle tables near the front, and even a few outdoor tables and chairs for you to relax outside.

Green Engine Coffee Co.

With over 16,000 Instagram followers, Green Engine Coffee Co. isn't exactly a Philly hidden gem. If you live in a tiny apartment in the city but are craving the comforts of a spacious and cozy living room, come to Green Engine Coffee Co. A warm fireplace, cozy lounge chairs, and delicious brunch food items await you. The avocado toast, breakfast sandwiches, and pastries are just a few of the crowd favorites at this coffee shop. But if you just need a quick caffeine fix, Green Engine has you covered in that department, as well. Everything you'd expect to get at a regular coffee shop, it has, and it gets the basics right. You won't be disappointed with the coffee here.

Though it's located towards the edge of Philadelphia in Haverford, it's still regarded as a Philly favorite. Green Engine Coffee Co. is the perfect opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and, well, find a new comfort coffee shop. This is also the perfect spot if you commute to work in Philly from the suburbs of Pennsylvania, as you could pop in here for your morning cup of joe, or even to plan an idyllic Saturday morning brunch with your friends. If you're coming to Green Engine Coffee Co. from the other direction, Green Engine Coffee Co. gives you the feeling of escaping city life without actually having to leave the city.

Higher Grounds

Located near the intersection of 3rd Street and Fairmount Avenue, Higher Grounds has a lot of coffee shop competition right in that area. But since 2006, this well-established Philly coffee shop has been serving up customers quality coffee without worrying about the competition. Opening at 8 a.m. and closing at 4 p.m. every day, this might not be the spot for you if you're looking to grab a coffee on the way to work at 6:30 in the morning, but it's the perfect place to sit and have brunch, lunch, or an afternoon pick-me-up with friends or coworkers while you debate the difference between lattes and cappuccinos. The interior design will remind you a bit of the quirky and eclectic Central Perk from "Friends." We see that as a huge bonus. Even the blue sign hanging above the doorway is a unique moment, shaped into fun-loving swirls.

Another huge perk of Higher Grounds is its online ordering service. Many coffee shops offered this service towards the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, and we've noticed many of them removing this service and going back to the typical walk-in and order model. If you're a fan of the order-ahead coffee concept or if you're in a rush, though, it's a nice service to have available. Higher Grounds is bound to be your new neighborhood go-to if you're more of a Phoebe than a Monica or Rachel.

ReAnimator Coffee Roasters

A locally owned coffee shop with multiple locations in one city? Sign us up. ReAnimator Coffee Roasters is a renowned Philly coffee shop, and it has everything you'd want in a modern cafe. It roasts its own beans (hence the name); has locations across Philly in Fishtown, Port Richmond, South Philly, Kensington, and Garden Court; has friendly staff; and keeps every location aesthetically pleasing. Though you'll get a slightly different vibe at each spot, the elements that matter stay consistent: namely, the coffee.

As we mentioned earlier, ReAnimator Coffee Roasters is known for brewing its own bean juice. And if you want the option to recreate the tasty drinks at home and be your own barista, you can do that. ReAnimator sells bags of beans (ground or whole), to-go mugs with its logo, tote bags, bumper stickers, coffee mugs, single-serve coffee bags, instant coffee, and a wide variety of merchandise available both online and in stores. You can really deck yourself out with ReAnimator merch, and if you have a loved one who is obsessed with this iconic Philly coffee shop, it makes for the perfect present. You can even sign up for a subscription to ReAnimator's coffee so you'll never run out of your beloved beans at home.

Whether you choose to enjoy the delightful brews of ReAnimator Coffee Roasters in the comfort of your home or the comfort of your favorite Philly location, you will fall in love with everything ReAnimator has to offer.

Rival Bros

When talking about staple Philly coffee shops, it would be remiss to leave out Rival Bros. This coffee company was started in Philly by two friends, Damien Pileggi and Jonathan Adams, in 2011. Like some of the other coffee shops on this list, Rival Bros has multiple locations across the city: two, to be exact. The first location is in South Philly in Passyunk Square, and the second is much further north in the Frankford area, catering to residents in both parts of the city. Both locations serve up coffee and pastries, which the website says are made fresh every day. But if you're not a coffee fanatic, not to worry. Alternative beverages like kombucha, juices, and tea are available for you to sip on while watching the baristas work their magic (seriously, it's impressive).

Rival Bros represents a lot of quintessential Philly values, and it even details them on its website: Approachable, authentic, and driven. We can say that Rival Bros is all of those things. But don't take our word for it — check out the comments of Rival Bros' Instagram pictures, and you'll get the gist (as do the over 19,000 followers it has on the platform).

When choosing between the many, many trendy and locally-owned coffee shops in Philly, it's nice to know that Rival Bros is always there to pick you back up if you happen upon a cafe that's less-than-ideal.

Ultimo Coffee

Ultimo Coffee really is the ultimate Philly coffee shop — pun intended. The aesthetic Instagram images on the brand's page really do match up with the quality of the experience you get at any of Ultimo Coffee's locations (you can visit one in Rittenhouse, Germantown, Newbold, or Graduate Hospital).

But Ultimo Coffee goes well beyond the surface level. One of the amazing things about this shop is that it donates 5% of its earnings each quarter to worthy local charities and non-profits. You can definitely feel good about getting your morning caffeine fix here. Additionally, Ultimo Coffee was actually one of the first specialty coffee shops in Philadelphia, the site notes, but this doesn't make it a pretentious cafe. The vibes at every Ultimo Coffee are welcoming and upbeat, perfect for giving you that push you need to get through your afternoon slump. Even though the energy at Ultimo Coffee isn't snobby, that doesn't mean it's not a pretty place to be. If you're getting tired of staring at the walls of your room while working or studying from home, the decor inside Ultimo Coffee (at every location) will be sure to give you the inspiration you need to keep chugging along.

Ultimo Coffee also started roasting its own beans in 2016, notes the website, so you can be sure that every latte, iced coffee, and cold brew you get has the unique and flavorful taste of Ultimo Coffee Roasters.

Bold Coffee Bar

Bold Coffee Bar truly lives up to its name: It opened in August 2020, right when many businesses were closing their doors due to financial challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. But Bold Coffee Bar found success from day one. Kelly and Lesa Claiborne detail their story on the company website, where they note that they hadn't been satisfied with the coffee shops they'd been to before, so they decided to open their own — a bold move that paid off. 

Located in Francisville, Bold Coffee Bar gets the basics right and then puts its own spin on them. You could order a classic macchiato or mocha and you'll be pleased, but if you're looking to add some variety into your life, order the Butterbeer Latte or the Happy Birthday Latte (iced or hot). But if you don't get a chance to try those specialty flavors before they get swapped out for new ones, we're sure the new flavors introduced will be just as tasty (and bold). If you're curious about what the current specialty drinks in rotation are, check out the coffee shop's Instagram.

If you're looking for a coffee shop experience that will never leave you bored, check out Bold Coffee Bar.

Uncle Bobbie's Coffee & Books

With the tagline "Cool People. Dope Books. Great Coffee," Uncle Bobbie's Coffee & Books is exactly that. Uncle Bobbie's provides a unique and much-needed space in Philadelphia. The coffee shop-slash-bookstore is always looking to make people feel included, especially some of the underserved communities in Philly. All are welcome at Uncle Bobbie's, and we think all will love it.

If you've been finding yourself going down the rabbit hole of BookTok lately, or if you simply want to get back into reading, Uncle Bobbie's will provide you with your favorite coffee drink and a new read. What's not to love about that? And if you're looking for some things to do in the city, Uncle Bobbie's has no shortage of events for you to attend. Author events happen frequently here, especially because Uncle Bobbie's has partnered with The Free Library of Philadelphia to put on these exciting author events, notes the website.

Since 2017, Uncle Bobbie's Coffee & Books has been giving many Philadelphians a greater sense of community, and whether you're looking to pop in and out with your iced latte, stay awhile and curl up with a beverage and pastry and read a good book, or attend one of its famed author events, Uncle Bobbie's is just happy to have you. If you're in Philly, this is a can't-miss shop located in Germantown.

Three Graces Coffee Co.

With a logo that kind of reminds us of the muses in "Hercules," Three Graces Coffee Co. is as fun as the songs the muses sing. This Philly coffee shop probably has the prettiest wallpaper out of every cafe in town, but you'll have to visit the Queen Village shop to determine that for yourself. Aside from the stunning sky-like wallpaper, the decor features hanging orb lights and a barista bar painted a calming periwinkle color.

But the decor isn't the only thing that's amazing about this shop; the coffee is to die for. Three Graces Coffee Co. offers all the favorites, including flat whites, cortados, drip coffee, and caramel lattes. It also has some killer matcha. Order the iced fresh strawberry matcha latte — trust us, you won't be disappointed. With the calming interior and delicious drinks to match, Three Graces Coffee Co. is your new favorite spot for studying or remote work. If you're, sadly, not a coffee person, try out the Yuzu Matcha Iced Tea, a refreshing and tasty cold beverage to put some pep in your step.

The Green Line Cafe

The Green Line Cafe truly lives up to its name. With plants hanging in every corner and nestled on every surface, this coffee shop will make you feel like you're in a real jungle, not a concrete one. Aside from the aesthetically pleasing greenery speckled everywhere, The Green Line Cafe has been slinging coffee orders since 2003, which is an impressive amount of time in a city as competitive as Philadelphia.

And if you love the offerings at Green Line, you'll never need to go without. There are five locations all across Philly, including in Clark Park, Queen Village, Center City, Powelton Village, and Walnut Hill. No matter where you are in the City of Brotherly Love, you can pop into a Green Line Cafe and soak in the greenery and good coffee for a little respite from the hustle and bustle of it all.

Elixr Coffee Roasters

Did you think we'd get through this whole Philly coffee shop list without mentioning Elixr? Of course not. Elixr Coffee Roasters is a fan-favorite coffee shop in Philly, and for good reason. The folks at Elixr do not mess around about coffee. Opened in 2010, notes the website, Elixr has since won Second Place in the 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2022 United States Barista Championships, along with a slew of other accolades noting how great its coffee really is. And the coffee is just that –- absolutely memorable and satisfying. 

This famed coffee shop isn't exclusive to Philadelphia, though there are four shops scattered across the city. There's also a location in Nashville, bringing the delicious brews at Elixr to the folks down South. For the people in Philly, though, you have your choice of popping by an Elixr coffee shop in Center City, West Philly, 16th & Market Street, and Chinatown. If you want high-quality coffee made by expert baristas, all in a cute environment, check out Elixr.

Càphê Roasters

This Kensington coffee shop is relatively new — and its story is pretty cool, too. Càphê Roasters, founded by Raymond John, is the first and only Vietnamese specialty coffee roaster in Philly, notes the website. Located in Kensington, Càphê Roasters is serving up some seriously tasty coffees. If you're looking for a sweet treat, we recommend the latte float, which is comprised of whole milk, condensed milk, Vietnamese espresso, and topped with creamy condensed milk soft serve. While basically a dessert, it will still give you that caffeine boost you're looking for.

If you're not looking to indulge, check out the Bac Xiu, a shaken espresso latte with milk, condensed milk, and Vietnamese espresso foam. But all of the drinks at this shop are good; you really can't go wrong with any one of them. If you're feeling munchy, definitely go for the banh mi. Overall, Càphê Roasters is a spot you have to check out if you're in Philly.

Menagerie Coffee

If you've tried Elixr Coffee Roasters' brew and enjoyed it, have it reimagined at Menagerie Coffee. Located in the Old City neighborhood, Menagerie Coffee has an adorable mint green-painted exterior and a trendy but inviting interior. Carefully placed plants, a long wooden barista bar, tree stumps for coffee tables, and even a few outdoor tables help to create the fun atmosphere that is Menagerie Coffee. If you're looking to get a pumpkin spice latte that's not from Starbucks or Dunkin', this is a great local spot to get it. What makes this place notable is the combination of quality coffee and beverages, friendly staff members, and a passion for coffee. 

You'll want to stay here all afternoon sipping your beverage of choice, and that probably wouldn't be discouraged. Whether you just happen to be in the neighborhood or are looking for a new local haunt, Menagerie Coffee will not let you down, and you'll definitely want to make it a regular spot you frequent.