The Ingredient David Chang Adds For Flavorful Steamed Vegetables

Add lots of seasoning and don't be afraid to experiment with ingredients are just two of the many tips Chef David Chang offers to aspiring cooks preparing meals at home. When it comes to readying delicious sides of vegetables to serve, however, Chang delivers an even simpler option: Just use seasoned salts to give your dishes a quick boost of flavor.

"It's just a really easy way to add flavor to something that is healthy for you," Chang explains on his Momofuku channel on YouTube, adding that whether you are preparing steamed, boiled, or roasted vegetables, souped-up salt can help make any chef's job easier in the kitchen. Since seasoned salt can be found in many varieties and combinations, experiment using salty mixtures blended with paprika, garlic powder, and even sprinkles of sugar until you've discovered the perfect match of flavors to sprinkle over your next side dishes of roasted asparagus, boiled cabbage, or steamed broccoli. 

Unleashing your inner salt bae

While Momofuku offers a lineup of assorted flavored and seasoned salts – Spicy Seasoned Salt, Tingly Seasoned Salt, and Savory Seasoned Salt — you can also make your own seasoned salts at home using the ingredients you love most. Chili powder can add a bit more heat for spicier dishes, and flakes of dried parsley and basil can bring earthier flavors to round out seasoning blends.

Less is often more when it comes to preparing fresh ingredients, and a quick sprinkle of seasoned salts can be all that is needed to bring out the natural flavors of potatoes taken hot out of the oven or ears of corn lifted off your grill. If you have leftover herbs from your last culinary project, you can whizz the ingredients together in a food processor and stash the flavored salt for use the next time your quick vegetable dish calls for the taste of extra seasoning.