Sugarfina's New Candy Collection Celebrates 100 Years Of The Hollywood Sign

Sugarfina has always been happy to rub shoulders with celebrities, and it is taking it one step further by honoring all of Hollywood with a new candy collection that celebrates 100 years of the Hollywood Sign. The luxe candy store is famous for getting festive on special occasions, like heart-covered chocolate bars for Valentine's Day or Graveyard Cookies for Halloween, and now its newest lineup celebrates a rare event and one that's a little closer to home.

Sugarfina is a true LA baby, having been founded in 2012 in Beverly Hills, which makes it the perfect company to honor the centennial of the iconic Hollywood sign. In a press release sent to Tasting Table, the company states, "the heart of Sugarfina is in California," and that it is an excited partner in the 2023 celebration, working with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce on a campaign of special events and collaborations that center on the Hollywood landmark.   

The Sugarfina x Hollywood Collection will include several different boxes, chocolates, and even a popcorn canister that evoke the spirit and glamor of Sugarfina's hometown, highlighted by a special new product based on another world-famous LA landmark: candy Walk of Fame stars.

A sweet tour of Los Angeles flavors

The headlining Sugarfina x Hollywood Candy Tasting Box will be presented in a retro-style TV box that Sugarfina claims "will evoke a cruise through the Hollywood Hills," where the sign is perched. In addition to the new Walk of Fame stars, the box includes rosé gummy bears, which have always called to mind cool California flavors and Hollywood glamor. The tasting lineup is rounded out by Sugarfina Pearls, Sour Rainbows, and Sprinkle Donuts, fitting for a town that takes pride in its great local donut shops.

If you want less of an ensemble, Sugarfina has two other big names for the celebration. Its Sparkling Stars Chocolate Bar is an attention-grabbing treat made of strawberry-flavored white chocolate with a glittering coat of pink sugar and pop rocks. The candy boutique also brought back the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn, a fan favorite that marries rich flavors with a classic movie snack. Next in the collection is the Sugarfina x Hollywood 3-Piece Candy Bento Box that contains the Walk of Fame stars with Champagne Bears and Sugar Lips. These Hollywood-premier-worthy treats can all be found in Sugarfina stores or its online shop