Kit Kat Debuts Sweet New Churro Flavor For A Limited Time

Kit Kat is still the crunchy, crispy, chocolatey candy we all love, but it's also so much more. Seasonal flavors and fun variations have expanded Kit Kat's offerings so much that we found 23 distinct versions, which we ranked from worst to best. A press release from Kit Kat has piqued our interest in the newest seasonal flavor, which will arrive just in time for summer.

Kit Kat Churro, which will show up in stores in time for National Churro Day on June 6, is meant to evoke summertime memories of churros purchased from amusement parks, county fairs, beachside boardwalks, or even authentic churrerías. The candy bar features buttery, sugary churro creme sandwiched between layers of Kit Kat's traditional crisp wafers, and it will be available in three sizes — the standard, king, and smaller snack sizes. Like the fleeting days of summer, this seasonal flavor will only be available for a limited time.

A crisp-fried churro in candy bar form

Kit Kat's new churro flavor is a bit of nostalgia, bringing together happy memories of the sweet fried treats of summertime with the enduring appeal of Kit Kat's crunchy confectioner's construction. Like last year's Kit Kat blueberry muffin limited edition flavor, Kit Kat's take on a churro draws inspiration from a sweet treat we already know and love. While homemade churros are a bit of work, relying on deep-fried dough that's extruded to create the perfect consistency and shape, breaking off a piece of the new Kit Kat churro is considerably less labor intensive.

And if it feels like Kit Kat is everywhere you look, you're probably right. Stores in both the U.S. and the U.K. are stocked with the new Kit Kat cereal from General Mills, giving you the opportunity to eat an entire bowl of tiny Kit Kats while you wait for National Churro Day to arrive.