New Kit Kat Cereal Is Coming To The US And UK

Are you such a huge fan of Kit Kat bars that you would eat the candy for breakfast if you could? Well, your wish is coming true — but in a cereal that contains a few vitamins your body needs.

While this is the first time the Kit Kat bar has inspired a breakfast cereal, we've already seen a version of the candy bar flavored like cereal: the Kit Kat Fruity Cereal bar, which boasts a coating that emulates fruity morning morsels. Kit Kat is known for its many flavor variations, like strawberry and dark chocolate, but it's the classic, original milk-chocolate version of the Kit Kat that serves as inspiration for the upcoming cereal. 

Unlike the candy bar, though, the cereal promises to be more than just a treat. Maker Nestlé is promoting the cereal as a source of vitamins and minerals, making it a more nutritional option for morning meals. One serving of Kit Kat cereal contains vitamin D, thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin, as well as fiber. In fact, the cereal is 31% whole grain and contains no artificial colors.

Coming soon to a grocery store near you

Are you excited to take a break from the daily breakfast routine and fill a bowl with chocolatey Kit Kat cereal? Well, don't get out your favorite bowl and spoon quite yet — the chocolate-flavored cereal won't be on American store shelves until early May. However, it should be available in the United Kingdom by mid-April. 

What you can look forward to is a cereal that replicates the flavors and texture of the classic candy bar. Just like a Kit Kat, the cereal pieces are made in four sections and feature a chocolatey coating. The base of the cereal is whole grain and has a wafer-like texture. Overall, Nestlé describes the taste of the Kit Kat cereal as a "cocoa explosion" (featuring cocoa that has been sustainably sourced through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan). The suggested MSRP is $5.69. 

For more information on the upcoming cereal, or the company's cocoa initiative, you can visit the Nestlé website