The Telltale Sign You're At An Traditional Spanish Churrería

It may seem impossible to pick a favorite sweet treat, but for many Spaniards, the answer is obvious. For many in the country, churros are the ideal Sunday morning breakfast and a cherished afternoon snack, as per Piccavey. Most know the churro as a long, oil-fried dough stick coated in sugar. And, if you're lucky, it often comes paired with a luxurious hot chocolate sauce.

According to Salt & Wind Travel, churros have a centuries-long history in Spain, but dunking them in creamy hot chocolate is a newer practice. When Spanish colonizers landed in South America in the 16th century, they returned to Spain with lots of cacao. Upon mixing the cacao with sugar cane, the iconic chocolate sauce was created. And, for obvious reasons, dipping a churro in the thick, sweet sauce immediately took off.

While dunking is an iconic method for eating churros, it may come as a surprise to many outside the country that churros do not always come as the sugar-coated and chocolate-dunked sticks we all know and love.

Chocolateless at the Churrería?

Across Spain, there are hundreds of famous chocolatería stops to experience dunking churros into mugs of hot chocolate, including Madrid's famous Chocolatería San Ginés. These treats are so popular that Chocolatería San Ginés stays open 24/7 and sells about 80,000 to 90,000 churros per day, according to BBC Travel.

While this dynamic duo has been popular in the country for centuries, traditional churro stands, called churrerías, don't always sell the dough with chocolate. These no-frills, often street-side stops are a cheap way to indulge in fried dough if you're okay doing so sans sugar and chocolate. But, as per BBC Travel notes, these churrería locations often have the best churros you can get.

These carts and stalls will open around 8 A.M. across the country so commuters can get their fill for breakfast, as per Salt & Wind Travel. While you'll have to forget the sweetness, picking up a coffee and churro for breakfast may just be the best way to start your morning in true churrería fashion.