The Absolute Worst Value Dish To Skip Ordering At Brunch

Brunch has become an ideal way to spend your sacred Sunday morning hours. Whether you view this special weekend meal as a way to treat yourself before a long week or use it as much-needed time to catch up with friends and family, brunch offers unique dishes that you can't get anywhere else. Your favorite brunch foods offer the perfect blend of sweet and savory flavors, from avocado toast to over-the-top parfaits to a stacked plate of waffles. However, while we often justify the weekend outing as quality time spent with loved ones, it's no secret that brunch has a reputation for being overpriced.

While a classic diner will charge you a reasonable amount for some basic yet delicious eggs and toast, trendy brunch spots are known to up-charge you on many of their popular items. As brunch has become ultra-Instagrammable, synonymous with fancy cocktails, and has increased overall in demand, plenty of restaurants are capitalizing on you and your friends overspending.

And, if you are trying to keep your wallet in mind, the worst value dish that we recommend skipping is that tempting fruit-covered bowl of oatmeal. Oatmeal may not be the first item to stand out to you on the brunch menu, but its wild price point just might catch your attention.

Steer clear of the oatmeal

As an everyday breakfast dish, instant oatmeal is the unsung hero of the early morning rush, keeping you satisfied up until lunch. However, your everyday, humble bowl of oats gets a big makeover at most brunch spots. Decked out with an assortment of ripe fruit, aesthetic arrangements of nuts and seeds, and garnished with a hefty drizzle of maple syrup and a garden-fresh mint sprig, ordering a steaming bowl of oatmeal at your go-to breakfast spot might be tempting. But if you're worried about getting the best bang for your buck, you should definitely avoid ordering this food when eating out.

You may know from your weekly grocery shops that oats are one of the cheapest ingredients you can buy. A typical 42-ounce container of oats will run you less than $5 at most supermarkets. However, for just a fraction of those oats prepared in a small bowl, some popular brunch places will charge you double that. And, we can guarantee you that the aesthetic arrangement of fresh ingredients on top isn't worth that high price, either.

While tasty eggs Benedict and stuffed French toast are arguably worth the splurge to have an expert make it for you, it might be better for your wallet to keep making bowls of oatmeal at home.