The Trick For Prep Cooking Oatmeal For Busy Mornings

According to the National Library of Medicine, almost a quarter of Americans miss out on breakfast. And Gundersen Health reports that one of the most common reasons people skip what some call the most important meal of the day is because they're simply too busy in the morning.

However, if you're pressed for time when trying to get ready for work but want to start making sure you never miss out on fueling yourself for the day ahead, you don't have to turn to toaster waffles or microwavable breakfast burritos. There is a way to ensure that you always have a nutritious oatmeal dish waiting for you in the morning. In fact, unlike other meal prep favorites that only offer one serving, like overnight oats, you can even have up to a week's worth of healthy morning eats ready to go by following this oatmeal breakfast recipe hack. And, according to The Kitchn, the miraculous oatmeal secret that will help you better brave your busy mornings is to freeze a pre-prepared pot of oatmeal.

Freeze your oatmeal for a quick weekday breakfast

The Kitchn stated that the first step to preparing a week's worth of breakfast is to make a batch of oats like you normally would. After allowing your freshly made oatmeal to cool, the outlet stated you can freeze it in two different ways. You can either pour your oatmeal into a silicone ice cube maker or a muffin tin. When you find that your oatmeal has frozen, you can slip the cubes out from their tin and into a protective container. The next morning, all you'll have to do to make a bowl of oatmeal is to pop out an oatmeal cube and microwave it for a few minutes.

The Huffington Post noted that you can mix your favorite toppings into your frozen oatmeal for a truly effortless breakfast. However, if you want to make a batch of frozen oatmeal that lasts for a long time you may want to add in your favorite fruits and nuts after you de-thaw your oatmeal cubes. This is because, as The Kitchn notes, while frozen oatmeal alone is good for up to three months, placing add-ins into your plain frozen oats may affect their long-lasting freezer life. By freezing a large pot of oatmeal, you'll sleep easy knowing you'll be able to eat a stress-free, healthy breakfast when you wake up. Now you just need to check out our quick lunch ideas to make sure your midday meal is just as fast and delicious.