The Quintessentially '80s Invention Of Dippin' Dots

From chocolate chip cookie dough to ultimate brownie batter, the flavors of Dippin' Dots deliver the familiar tastes of ice cream but in a unique and futuristic presentation. Though you may know Dippin' Dots as tiny balls of ice cream, the tasty pellets were initially developed after one inventive microbiologist was trying to figure out how to make a more efficient kind of feed for cattle.

That man was Curt Jones, a scientist who specialized in the field of cryogenics and also loved making his own ice cream at home. When Jones created his unique ice cream in 1988, he was working on a project in a Kentucky science lab that used liquid nitrogen to flash-freeze food. Thankfully for us, Jones decided to combine his two passions, ultimately resulting in the creation of these tiny orbs of delicious ice cream that were once found at places like American malls and state fairs throughout the nation.

An invention with staying power

After experimenting with his science lab's supply of liquid nitrogen, Jones discovered that the ice cream he made at home could be combined with the nitrogen to form small, compact balls of ice cream. What's more, despite the low temperature of -320 degrees needed to produce the tiny ice cream spheres, the result could be safely eaten. Of course, like other forms of ice cream, the frozen treat must be kept at the right temperature so that it doesn't melt. 

Though American shopping malls have become less popular than they were in the past, Jones' playful creation has persisted. Thanks to his cunning business sense, Dippin' Dots has become a franchise operation that can be found sold in stores and markets around the world. No matter your age, you can still enjoy these whimsical ice cream desserts without having to visit a summer festival or return to the forgotten malls of your youth.