18 Dippin' Dots Flavors, Ranked Worst To Best

Cold, creamy, and versatile enough to handle most flavors, ice cream is among the most beloved desserts of all time. But when you get bored of the plain old scoops and swirls you've been eating your whole life, there's something out there waiting for you on the horizon: Dippin' Dots.

They may not be anything new, and for some, they're a tired, gimmicky dessert that are now mostly relegated to vending machines, fairs, and amusement parks. But not us. Dippin' Dots are the novelty iced treat that we all deserve. Not only are they fun, offering a completely different textural experience than any other ice cream on the market, but the wide array of flavors includes some really delicious options.

However, not all Dippin' Dots flavors were created the same. That's why we decided to rank them, starting with our least favorites and working our way to the best. Here's what we landed on.

18. Rainbow Ice

Look, we totally understand why you might want to order the rainbow Ice Dippin' Dots. Of all the flavors on this menu, this one is definitely the most appealing to the eye. But when it comes to the taste, there's just nothing we can get behind here. It seems like this flavor was an afterthought, especially considering it's just a mix of lemon, orange, strawberry, blue raspberry, and lime ices. None of the flavors really go other, and they jumble into a heap of seemingly artificial flavoring from the first bite.

If you're just going for the looks, then sure, Rainbow Ice may be the way to go. But if you actually want your dessert to taste good, you're going to have to check out some of the other flavors instead.

17. Blue Raspberry Ice

Does anybody even know what a blue raspberry is supposed to taste like? It's one of those familiar artificial flavors that just never really hits the spot. The blue raspberry ice Dippin' Dots are no exception. Upon the first bite, you may find them refreshing, and you may even enjoy the flavor slightly. But by the second bite, you're going to be totally over it. The overwhelming flavor that falls somewhere between floral and fruity is just not pleasant in large doses.

We're not against walking around with a blue mouth after a solid blue raspberry frozen dessert, but these Dippin' Dots are just not worth it to us. When you want a fruity flavor that focuses on delivering refreshment instead of creaminess, there are better options to choose from.

16. Liberty Ice

Here's another one that's all mixed up for no reason. When you choose the liberty ice flavor, you're going to be getting a mixture of blue raspberry, strawberry, and lemon ices. Do these flavors go together? Not really. But truthfully, it's not a terrible trio. It's much more focused than the rainbow ice flavor, so we can't complain too much. 

However, this one too seems like it was a combo based on nothing more than the aesthetic. It's supposed to be patriotic with its red, white, and blue dots, but beyond serving it for a Fourth of July celebration, this one is a pass. There are simpler, more composed flavors available for those who want something refreshing to eat on a hot day.

15. Orange Ice

It's no surprise that this tried-and-true flavor is part of the Dippin' Dots lineup. Unfortunately, Orange Ice falls short of our expectations. We will say that it stays relatively true to the real taste of oranges, so it could be a lot worse. But there wouldn't be very many occasions when we would choose Orange Ice over the other flavors the brand offers.

To make matters worse, the color of these Dippin' Dots are very off-putting. They're an intense, bright Halloween orange that comes off as more trick than treat. We get that they were trying to be clear about what the flavor is, but we would've gotten the hint even if it had been a bit more subtle. Unless you love orange flavor more than anything else, go for one of the other ices.

14. Birthday Cake

You don't have to be celebrating your birthday to order birthday cake Dippin' Dots, but they're certainly not for everyone. This flavor isn't bad, but it just doesn't have a ton going on with it. It's a combination of cake batter and icing dots along with little crumbles of cake. It's an interesting combo, and everything fits really well together. And yes, it actually does taste a little like a birthday cake. We just wish the overall flavor profile wasn't so mild.  

There's nothing wrong with slightly bland flavors, especially when it comes to a dessert that's all about the texture. But if you want to make sure you get the best flavor of the bunch, you may want to pass on this and opt for a more intensely flavored Dippin' Dots option or perhaps an actual slice of birthday cake.  

13. Vanilla

"Vanilla" is literally used as a descriptor for something that's boring, so you can't be expecting too much here. That being said, vanilla Dippin' Dots are actually pretty decent. They are subtle with the vanilla flavor without making it so light that you can't even properly detect its namesake. Understated and subtle, it's perfect for picky eaters or those who don't like intense flavors.

Would we ever get vanilla Dippin' Dots if we had a choice? Probably not. Then again, we don't often get vanilla from any other ice cream brand. It pretty much boils down to whether you like vanilla or not. If you do, then this flavor is likely to be one of your favorites. But if you want something more interesting, ywe suggest going with a different flavor.

12. Cotton Candy

For sugar lovers with a serious sweet tooth, the cotton candy Dippin' Dots may just be the way to go. This flavor is, first and foremost, exceptionally sweet. However, we can't dock too many points from it for that — after all, sweetness is usually what you're looking for when you want cotton candy-flavored anything. As far as we can tell, though, this ice cream is really just sugar-flavored. We guess it tastes a little bit like cotton candy, but we probably wouldn't have recognized that without the color and the name of the product.

The cotton candy flavor is perfect for kids who want Dippin' Dots that are brightly colored without having to succumb to one of the "ice" flavors, which are on the less creamy side. There's nothing wrong with the cotton candy flavor — it's just never going to be our favorite.

11. Strawberry Ice

We weren't expecting anything too exciting with the strawberry ice flavor, but it was actually more enjoyable than we expected. This is another one of those sorbet-style flavors, so it offers a refreshing note that the creamier flavors haven't nailed. Now, does this ice cream taste like it was made with real strawberries? Not exactly. If that's the kind of strawberry ice cream you're after, there are other brands you can choose from.

However, it does have that lush, refreshing berry flavor to it that's so familiar in other products. Not everyone is into that kind of flavor, but if you're a fan, then you're probably going to like the strawberry ice as well. It's one of the better Dippin' Dots options to indulge in, particularly during the summer months.

10. Lime Ice

It shouldn't come as any surprise that lime comes in on top of so many of the other ices. The sour citrus is one of those fruits that's truly refreshing, which makes it the perfect candidate for a dessert like this. One thing we didn't love about lime ice Dippin' Dots is the fact that they're still somewhat sweet. When we order lime-flavored anything, we really want that acidity to dominate. This flavor isn't super sweet, but it's still too sugary than what we'd prefer.

The color isn't really too appealing, either — it's bright green in a way that looks a bit too intense for a food product. However, after taking a bite and tasting the freshness, you can more easily ignore the color.

9. Chocolate

Like vanilla, chocolate is one of those super basic flavors that you can find just about anywhere. It is always a solid standby flavor you know you can depend on, and this particular rendition is no exception. If you're a fan of chocolate ice cream and don't want a bunch of other ingredients marring the flavor of pure cocoa, then you're definitely not going to be disappointed by this Dippin' Dots flavor. However, if you're not much of a chocolate fan, the simplicity of this one-note flavor likely won't impress.  

Now, are there better chocolate ice creams in the world than the kind offered by Dippin' Dots? Yes. But are there any that offer the same wonderous textural experience? Not that we know of.

8. Strawberry

While the strawberry ice flavor Dipping Dots left us wanting more, ice cream cousin successfully hit the mark. As opposed to the fruitier, more refreshing flavor of the ice version, this version is richer and creamier — it tastes more like an actual scoop of ice cream than a weirdly constructed Icee. Plus, a look at the ingredients reveals that it's made with actually strawberry juice.

This is a fun way to eat strawberry ice cream that's probably unlike most other ice cream experiences you've had in the past. There's something about the slight tartness you get from this flavor that works really well in this format. Even if you're not a strawberry ice cream person normally, this flavor is worth a try.

7. Banana Split

We all love a banana split every now and then, right? But for many of us, it's just too much of a hassle to make on a regular basis. After all, who wants to sacrifice their morning banana just to add even more sugar to a bowl of ice cream? If that's how you feel, then you may just be better off snagging some banana split Dippin' Dots. This flavor is a combo of chocolate, strawberry, and banana, all combined so you get the whole spectrum of flavors in a single bite.

This is the kind of flavor Dippin' Dots was created for. Because you get so much going on at once, the flavors are even more well-integrated than the experience you'd get from a real banana split. Unless you hate banana, this flavor is one you have to try for yourself. While the origin of the banana split may be up for debate, the success of this flavor is not.  

6. Cookies and Cream

There are few ice cream flavors that are better than cookies and cream, and the same holds true when it comes to Dippin' Dots. Like all the best examples of cookies and cream, this flavor utilized crushed-up Oreos to give the vanilla Dippin' Dots more texture. As the dots start to melt, though, the Oreo pieces start to meld with the vanilla ice cream, creating a more coherent bite. These two flavors go perfectly together.

Yes, this is a relatively simple flavor, and yes, you can get it just about anywhere, so it's not really anything that is out of the ordinary. But if you're looking for a solid standby you can guarantee is going to taste good, the cookies and cream flavor may just be the way to go.

5. Lemon Ice

Here comes our favorite "ice" flavor of them all: the lemon ice. This is such a refreshing dessert, and we love that it's about as simple as it can get. All you get is the fresh acidity from the lemon. There is a slight sweetness there, but that's definitely not the focus of the dessert. You're not getting a lot of complexity here, but that's not always what you want, especially when you're looking for something that's ultra-refreshing.

Another reason why we love this flavor is because of all the ice flavor options, this one appears to be the most natural. It's not a vibrant, neon yellow color. Rather, it's pale lemon in appearance, which makes it instantly more appealing. When you're looking for an easy, thirst-quenching snack in the summer, lemon ice Dippin' Dots are the way to go.

4. Cool Mint Crunch

Listen, we know that not everyone is a huge fan of mint ice cream. It's one of those flavors that you either love or hate. If you've always been a mint hater, you're probably not going to like cool mint crunch Dippin' Dots either. However, if you're already a fan of mint ice cream, then the cool mint crunch may just be one of the best versions you've ever had. The dots have a mild mintiness to them that isn't too overwhelming — in other words, it doesn't taste like you're just eating toothpaste.

To make things even better, though, there are pieces of crushed-up Oreos mixed in with the mint ice cream dots. It adds a layer of texture and a rich chocolate quality that takes it to a new level. This is definitely one of our favorite flavors of the bunch.

3. Ultimate Brownie Batter

There aren't many chocolate-based flavors available from Dippin' Dots, so you have to take advantage of the ones you do have. One of our absolute favorites is the ultimate brownie batter. And no, it's not just the regular chocolate with a slight variation. Rather, you get brownie batter ice cream that's dotted with actual pieces of the cocoa confection. The result is a texturally rich and chocolate-but-not-too-chocolate flavor profile that's perfect in Dippin' Dots form. It's simple, but it's still interesting enough to have you coming back for more.

This one may be a bit too intense for some people, but for those who love chocolate and who want something more interesting than the plain chocolate Dippin' Dots, the brownie batter is definitely the way to go.

2. Boysenberry

Most Dippin' Dots flavors are available everywhere they're sold, but there's one that stands apart from the rest: the boysenberry flavor. In fact, you're only going to find boysenberry Dippin' Dots at one location: Knott's Berry Farm. The popular Southern California amusement park features a Dippin' Dots kiosk that serves up all your favorite flavors, but because Knott's Berry Farm is known for its boysenberries, they of course have boysenberry Dippin' Dots too.

This is one of the tartest of Dippin' Dots flavors, and that's just how we like it. At the same time, this ice cream is definitely very creamy, offering just enough richness to make you want to take another scoop. If you're ever at Knott's Berry Farm and feel like ice cream, you have to stop by the Dippin' Dots there.

1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Of all the flavors on the Dippin' Dots menu, nothing quite tops the chocolate chip cookie dough. It all starts with the vanilla ice cream dots, which may sound simple, but it's the perfect canvas for the cookie dough bits. These pieces of cookie dough are small, so they don't mess too much with the texture of the dessert, but they're large enough that you'll get that cookie dough texture you love.

We love chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream because it's just interesting enough without being too complex, so it can appeal to just about everyone. There's the mild sweetness of the vanilla ice cream, but it's complemented by the touch of chocolate in the cookie dough pieces. This is our all-time favorite Dippin' Dots flavor, and it's definitely the one we would suggest trying first.