The Easiest Way To Give Your Grilled Cheese Sandwich A Spicy Kick

Just because grilled cheese is easy to put together doesn't mean the recipe should be boring. As comforting and satisfying as a classic grilled cheese sandwich might be, sometimes even the most tried-and-true recipes can benefit from an added kick — and that's where hot sauce comes in.

Whether making grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon and goat cheese or choosing a more conventional combo like American on white bread, hot sauce can bring a little fire to your go-to grilled cheese sandwich and help the flavors really sing. The process couldn't be any easier: while you're seasoning your grilled cheese (if you aren't already doing so, you really should be) simply include a few drops of your favorite hot sauce, spreading the condiment along the inside of each slice of bread before adding the cheese and any other ingredients you choose and toasting to perfection.

Play around with pairings when adding hot sauce to grilled cheese

When you're making lunch for a group, know that tolerance for spice can vary. It can be helpful to provide each diner with individual servings of hot sauces so the level of heat is in each sandwich lover's hands. Serve cut pieces of grilled cheese sandwiches for guests to try some celebrity hot sauces you've been meaning to sample. Everyone can drizzle hot sauce on the insides of their sandwiches to their liking and compare the flavors of Picante and Louisiana-style or pretend to be guests starring on "Hot Ones," trying hot sauces with increasing levels of Scoville scale spice.

If you're preparing the sandwich for yourself, choose a hot sauce with heat to your liking. From smoky Cholula hot sauce to tangy and garlicky Sriracha, drizzles of hot sauce can complement the savory richness of the cheese and provide depth to your grilled cheese sandwiches. Consider matching cheeses that can hold their own when placed against the power and spice of certain hot sauces. With many possible combinations, the options are endless, and experimentation is highly encouraged. You could pair a vinegary Carolina reaper hot sauce with funky blue cheese, combine garlicky jalapeño sauce with sweet goat cheese, or top creamy Gouda with a smoky habanero sauce.