You Should Really Be Seasoning Your Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Here's Why

Grilled cheese is the best thing since sliced bread – just about anyone can whip up the sandwich with whatever cheese and bread they have on hand. The most common variation, made with gooey, processed American cheese and white bread, is a solid meal in its own right; no one can deny how nostalgic and comforting the melted texture combined with the light crunch is. But now that charcuterie boards have become more popular, people have branched out to more intricate versions of the lunchtime favorite with combinations of brie, gouda, and asiago.

However, one element many have ignored when making this creation is seasoning the sandwich. As complex and sophisticated as the cheeses and bread can get, not many think to flavor the outside with spiced butter or add herbs to the gooey middle. If you're willing to improve the standard meal by adding three different kinds of cheese and using rustic rye, why not go the extra mile and add more spice to the bread? Plus, the grilled cheese is bound to taste more substantial with garlic powder, paprika, and herbs.

Use seasoning to enhance flavor

You may have wine and cheese pairings down to a science, but an overlooked combination is herbs and cheeses. You can only do so much with butter or mayonnaise on your grilled sandwich. To really bring it all together, try adding herbs, spices, or alliums that complement the filling in your sandwich. Additionally, whether you're adding more familiar ingredients like dried basil or parsley or going for a spin on French onion soup, you should choose cheeses that pair well with the seasonings you plan to include.

Spices Inc shares that more herbaceous additions like dill, thyme, basil, and oregano can pair well with something as familiar as American cheese; floral greens like rosemary complement brie, and milder Monterey Jack and provolone can be great canvases for stronger add-ins like cayenne, garlic, and even roasted jalapeños. With any melty white cheese, a range of seasonings will greatly enhance the sandwich's flavor. 

If you're on the hunt for ingredients that spruce up your grilled cheese, simple spices and herbs are the best place to start.