The Bowl Trick For Shatteringly Crisp Bacon In The Microwave

If you're looking to cook up delicious bacon in a matter of moments, your microwave is a solid culinary bet when it comes to getting tasty meals placed quickly onto the kitchen table. Whether you're wanting to crumble bacon onto pineapple pizza or try your hand at making candied cinnamon-maple bacon to fold into your next batch of cookies, the microwave is at the ready. As unexpected as it might sound, crunchy strips of bacon can be cooked easily in this appliance, and if you arrange your setup just right, your clean-up job will be just as fast as the cooking process itself.

Making crisp, crunchy bacon doesn't mean you have to fire up your grill or pull out all the stops with a stovetop griddle. Simply find a microwave-safe bowl and plate, and get your bacon strips ready for a crispy, heated future. You'll be serving the cooked pieces in minutes.

Crispy bacon strips on demand

To prepare bacon for a journey into the microwave, simply turn the bowl you've collected upside down and lay the strips of bacon on top. Once the bowl is covered with the bacon you intend to crisp, set the bacon-layered dish onto a plate. The plate will catch drips of bacon grease while the meat cooks. While microwaves can vary in terms of cooking times, estimate around one minute per piece of bacon to ensure each slice is as crisp as possible once you open the microwave door.

If you notice that the bacon still appears light in color or hasn't quite reached the level of crispiness you would prefer to serve alongside warm scrambled eggs, simply continue to cook the bacon in 30-second intervals. With enough cooking practice, you'll learn exactly how long you need to cook your next bacon-covered bowl inside your microwave. 

Carefully remove the bowl-and-plate contraption and get ready to chow down on your first taste of shatteringly crisp microwaved bacon. If you're feeling extra adventurous, try making an omelet in your microwave to serve with it.