Can You Make An Omelet In The Microwave? (& The Tool To Use)

We know by now that microwaves are helpful for more than just heating leftovers; they're also good for making full-blown meals. You can cook raw chicken, make potato chips, and even prepare steak in this device, not to mention whip up a seven-minute Oreo mug cake for dessert. When it comes to breakfast, microwaves have you covered, too, as they can cook scrambled and poached eggs in just a few minutes — but what about omelets?

These breakfast dishes can be tricky to make on the stove, as they require mastering a flipping technique and nailing the proper amount of filling that doesn't slide out. Yet most of us don't have the time (or concentration) every weekday morning to execute the perfect flip. So if you wake up on a Monday craving an omelet, you may want to try this microwave hack using a tool you probably already have in your kitchen: a mug.

You can use a mug to make a quick, easy omelet in the microwave

This microwave omelet tip using a mug will trim down your prep time and keep you from breaking out the pan. You know those mug cakes we mentioned earlier? It turns out that you can use pretty much the same technique to make an omelet. First, you'll start by whisking together two eggs and milk in a mug that has been sprayed with oil. Then add in whatever toppings you would use in an omelet: cheese, bell pepper, spinach, mushrooms, tomato, and cooked meat are all tasty options.

After incorporating a little seasoning and stirring everything together, simply pop your mug in the microwave. A few notes here: You'll want to use a big microwave-safe mug to avoid spillage since the mixture will rise during cooking. And the time it takes to fully cook the eggs depends on your microwave's voltage, so you may want to play around with it a little. But in general, microwave your mug in 30-second increments, stirring in between, until the egg mixture is set. Then feel free to top with more of your mix-ins, such as green onions, hot sauce, or ketchup.

This tip works because the microwave will turn any liquid into steam, which will cook your eggs and mix-ins. It may not look like your typical omelet, but it will definitely taste like one and takes almost no effort to make.