The Sweet Way To Enjoy Grilled Cheese May Not Be For Everyone

Grilled cheese is one of those comforting, classic recipes that has been reinvented and perfected by chefs around the world. Cooks can make grilled cheese in air fryers and insert smears of egg salad into sandwiches, but that's not all home chefs have to play with when it comes to assembling grilled cheese to serve for lunch. An entire line of sweeter recipes calls for experimentation, and we have the perfect place to start.

From making grilled cheese sandwiches out of glazed donuts to adding swashes of blackberry jam, sweet touches make for a unique flavor combination that can elevate the traditional sandwich recipe. Adding drizzles of honey can bring forth a charcuterie board kind of experience conveniently packed in sandwich form, while sprinkles of brown sugar can convert even the most dedicated grilled cheese purist. 

Although sweet additions might not sit well with everyone seated at the kitchen table, they're well worth a try, and we have an ingredient that can act as your gateway into the sweeter grilled cheese variations. 

Two classic recipes in one

If you think apples have no place near a classic grilled cheese sandwich, keep an open mind. The combination of sweet, caramelized apple slices and gooey, savory bites of cheese might just be the kind of unique sandwich recipe you and your hungry friends have been searching for. By sprinkling a touch of cinnamon onto warm apples before pairing them with sharp cheddar cheese, you are essentially marrying apple pie with grilled cheese, two classic recipes that usually star as stand-alone hits but become something else entirely when combined into one dish. 

Serve this surprising flavor combination between two pieces of perfectly toasted bread, and you have a lunch that will raise not only eyebrows but also spirits, bringing out the inner child in every diner. As with most grilled cheese variations, feel free to experiment with the kinds of cheeses you use, the variations of apples you slice to add to the melt, and the way in which you put this sweet-and-savory recipe together.