Take Your Grilled Cheese To New Heights With A Smear Of Egg Salad

PB&Js may be a childhood favorite, and deli sandwiches are a go-to for a quick bite with coworkers, but of all the sandwiches in America, the grilled cheese is king. In fact, Americans gobble up more than two billion of these sandwiches every year, and it consistently ranks as the favorite sandwich on surveys. 

Perhaps part of grilled cheese's popularity is because of its versatility. A traditional sandwich made with a slice of Kraft cheese and Wonder bread is perfect for younger palates while adults might experiment with the ingredients inside cheese and bread for more complex flavors by adding bacon, tomato, and avocado slices, or even adding a little mustard to make their grilled cheese pop. 

Even celebrity chefs have their take on this classic. Bobby Flay goes for sophistication making his grilled cheese with brie and goat cheese along with a green tomato and some delicious bacon, while Gordon Ramsay isn't too far behind, opting for a little kimchi, asiago cheese, and Romano cheese for the filling in his version of this sandwich. If you're looking for something a little different though, might we suggest egg salad? It seems surprising, but if you haven't tried it on your grilled cheese, you are missing out.

A surprisingly classic combination

If you are a fan of eggs, adding egg salad to your grilled cheese is going to make your taste buds really perk up. And if you think about it, this combo really isn't a seismic shift in the ecosystem in classic food combinations. Cheese and eggs are often paired together. You'll find them combined in omelets, breakfast hashes, and all types of casseroles. Anybody who's had a McDonald's Egg McMuffin or made a breakfast sandwich at home knows the combination really works. But adding egg salad to a grilled cheese is a bit of a game-changer.  

Similar to a tuna melt, egg salad adds a creamy texture and taste to your grilled cheese. Egg salad at its most basic consists of cooked eggs mixed with mayo and mustard, a little onion, and at the very least, salt and pepper. But as with all things, giving this add-on the character that makes your palate sing is incredibly easy. Add a little paprika to your favorite recipe to keep things tame or live life on the edge and add a spicy element like Cajun spices. It will definitely give your grilled cheese and egg salad sandwich a little kick.