Starbucks' Oleato Olive Oil Coffee Will Arrive In The US This Week

For weeks now, the question on many coffee aficionados' minds is whether the olive oil coffee trend will live up to the hype it's been generating. It's not that there's anything new about adding fat to coffee, people have been stirring in milk, cream, non-dairy creamer, and even butter for some time now. Over time, that evolved into stirring ghee into coffee and infusing lattes with coconut milk or straight-up coconut oil.

But somehow, the notion of infusing coffee with extra virgin oil didn't hit the mainstream until very recently. And for that, coffee lovers can thank Starbucks' founder and erstwhile CEO, Howard Schultz. He came up with the idea while traveling through Sicily last year and observing the Mediterranean custom of downing a spoonful of oil olive daily. 

Coffee drinkers in Milan, where Starbucks debuted its olive oil-infused Oleato beverage line in late February, have already registered their approval. According to The Guardian, some have reported that Oleato coffee beverages offer a "sweeter taste" and a "smoother" coffee-drinking experience. So, how will the Oleato line fare in the U.S.? Looks like we're about to find out!

Where you can find the new Oleato coffee beverages stateside

Starbucks Reserve Roasteries and select Reserve stores in Seattle, Chicago, and New York City will begin serving four new Oleato beverages on March 23.

This particular Oleato lineup includes the Caffè Latte, an olive oil-infused, oat milk-lightened espresso, and the orange-tinged Iced Cortado, featuring olive oil-infused iced espresso, orange piloncillo syrup, orange bitters, and oat milk. Both of these appear to be vegan, judging by Starbucks' description. 

For dairy fans, the lineup also includes the Golden Foam Cold Brew (cold brew with vanilla bean syrup and finished with olive oil-infused sweet cream, aka Golden Foam) and the Oleato Golden Foam Espresso Martini (Starbucks' signature espresso martini, finished with Golden Foam). In addition, barista-led tastings will be available by advance reservation at the Reserve Roasteries in Seattle and Chicago, as well as at the Empire State Building Starbucks Reserve store.

On March 27, the Oleato line will debut at other select Starbucks locations in and around Seattle, as well as in Los Angeles. The same lineup will be available, with the exception of the Golden Foam Espresso Martini (and without the tastings).