Every 2023 Girl Scout Cookie, Ranked Worst To Best

The beginning of spring is marked with cherry blossoms, the return of daylight saving time, and the annual sales of Girl Scout cookies. Every year, we get excited to pick up our classic favorites and try out some of the new, fresh flavors produced by the organization. While everyone has a personal favorite, we rarely taste all the cookies side-by-side to confirm our top choice.

So, we collected a tasting group to officially rank the 2023 lineup of Girl Scout cookies. Each taster had varying opinions about cookie flavors (one of the tasters hated coconut, while another was sensitive to artificial flavoring). In the end, the group almost unanimously agreed on their favorite — and least favorite — cookie in the lineup.

You may know some of these cookies by a different name. Depending on whether the cookie was baked by ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers, your package may say "Peanut Butter Patties" instead of "Tagalongs" or "Caramel deLites" instead of "Samoas." Since our tasting group is located in Oregon, we tasted Little Brownie Bakers cookies, but we called in a special favor to get our hands on a few ABC Bakers-exclusive cookies.

13. Toffee-Tastic

This gluten-free cookie launched in 2014, making it a long-standing addition to the original Girl Scout lineup. Not all added cookies can boast the same accolade, as the organization has discontinued dozens of Girl Scout cookies over the years. We will start by saying that none of the tasters live a gluten-free lifestyle, but we agreed to forgive any textural differences since rice flour and tapioca starch simply can't create the same chew as a cookie made with all-purpose flour. That said, this was almost unanimously the tasters' least favorite cookie.

The package contains 14 cookies described as, "rich, buttery cookies with sweet, crunchy toffee bits." While we did notice a pleasant toffee aroma and a bold, buttery flavor, everything else about these cookies was off. We could get past the cookie's crumbly character from the alternative flour, but we weren't okay with the extremely unpleasant, dusty, chalky residue left on our tongues after eating. The worst part was how the toffee bits stuck to our teeth as we chewed. None of the tasters finished their cookie, and one put it down after a single bite. She was worried the sticky toffee would pull out her dental fillings.

12. Girl Scout S'mores

The Girl Scouts released two versions of this s'mores-flavored cookie in 2016: A chocolate-covered graham cracker cookie made by ABC Bakers and the layered sandwich cookie you see here made by Little Brownie Bakers. We didn't have an opportunity to taste the former because it was discontinued in 2022, but the tasters didn't have great things to say about the still-existing cookie.

The package contained 16 cookies described as, "graham sandwich cookies with chocolaty and marshmallowy flavored filling." While the tasters loved the smooth, fudgy chocolate filling in the sandwich, the rest of the cookie fell short. When it came to texture, this cookie lacked the contrast between the crispy graham cracker, soft marshmallow, and melted chocolate that we love about this famed campfire snack. It tasted more like toasted corn syrup than molasses- and cinnamon-rich graham, and the marshmallow just tasted like sugary frosting. Where was the squishy, chewy character of marshmallow fluff? We may have ranked this one higher if it was rebranded as a chocolate sandwich cookie instead of a s'more, but it just fell short of the mark as-is.

11. Caramel Chocolate Chip

When the organization announced the 2023 Girl Scout Cookie lineup, three cookies were unavailable to us in Little Brownie Baker territory. The gluten-free Caramel Chocolate Chip was one of them, so we called in a special favor to include it in our tasting group. The package contains 12 cookies described as, "rich caramel, semisweet chocolate chips, and a hint of sea salt in a chewy cookie."

Of the two gluten-free cookies we tasted, this one was definitely the group's favorite. The oat flour provided a toasted, nutty flavor that paired well with the rich, semisweet chocolate, and it didn't create any unpleasant aftertaste. The cookie was surprisingly chewy, considering it didn't contain all-purpose flour, but the chocolate was the real star. The chips were abundant, and we applauded the ratio used to make this cookie. That said, there was something off about this cookie that we didn't enjoy. We're not sure if it came from the caramel or sea salt flavors referred to on the package (we couldn't really pick up on those flavors when tasting the cookie), but something created a residual sweetness with a chemical-like taste that caused it to drop in our rankings.

10. Raspberry Rally

This new-in-2023 Girl Scout cookie was only available via the organization's e-commerce platform, and its release was so highly anticipated that it sold out within days. Many had to turn to resale platforms and purchase Raspberry Rally cookies on eBay, so we considered ourselves lucky to get our hands on the raspberry version of a Thin Mint.

The package contained 30 cookies described as, "thin, crispy cookies infused with raspberry flavor, dipped in a chocolaty coating." We were disappointed that the cookie didn't contain any fruit (just red 40 and natural and artificial flavors), but the raspberry was present from the moment we opened the package. Most of the tasters enjoyed the fruity, raspberry aroma that invoked memories of chocolate-covered fruit, but everyone agreed that this cookie smelled better than it tasted. Texturally, it had everything we love about a Thin Mint: full-flavored chocolate on the outside and flaky, crispy, and crunchy interior. But where the Thin Mint delivers a pleasing minty flavor, this one tasted a little fake. The raspberry flavor faded quickly instead of lingering on the palate and reminded us a little too much of Flintstones vitamins (remember those?). It wasn't bad, but we weren't fighting over each other to have a second one.

9. Lemonades

There are two lemon-flavored cookies in the 2023 Girl Scout cookie lineup, and this one is only available from ABC Bakers. Depending on where you live, you may or may not be able to get your hands on the cookie described as "savory slices of shortbread with a refreshingly tangy lemon flavored icing."

There were 16 cookies in the package, and they greeted us greeted with their bright, lemony smell. We were all feeling positive, cheerful vibes as we prepared to eat the cookie, but the flavor didn't match the aroma. It wasn't bad by any means — it was light and refreshing — but you'll be disappointed if you were expecting the flavors of lemon meringue. The bite provided a lot of shortbread flavor, as all the lemon flavor is concentrated in the icing layer coating the bottom of the cookie. When that icing melts, your tongue becomes coated with a punch of sweet, lemon-forward flavor that tastes fantastic. We just wished the cookie itself had a bolder character — maybe some lemon zest or almond extract to give it a little oomph.

8. Lemon-Ups

At this point in the ranking, we have officially reached the line where it became difficult for the tasters to find something they didn't like about each cookie. All the cookies from this point on could have been a winner — depending on your taste preferences. Lemon-Ups are the second lemon-flavored Girl Scout cookie, but they're only available from Little Brownie Bakers. You'll only get 12 cookies in this package, and these "crispy lemon flavored cookies with inspiring messages to lift your spirit" really accomplished that goal of making us feel better.

We were greeted with a fantastic, citrus-rich aroma before taking a bite, and we noticed that this cookie had a glaze on the bottom instead of a thick layer of icing. That seemed to coat the shortbread better, allowing the lemon flavor to permeate every bite instead of having to wait for the icing to melt. The flavor intensified as we chewed, and we all agreed that it reminded us of the milk leftover in your cereal bowl after eating Fruit Loops. This cookie was light enough to be refreshing but rich enough to satisfy. While none of the tasters considered this their favorite cookie, it would be a great option as an after-dinner treat because that lemon flavor left our palate feeling fresh and clean.

7. Do-Si-Dos

Depending on where you live, this cookie may be called Peanut Butter Sandwich or Do-Si-Dos. It was one of the original Little Brownie Bakers cookies produced in 1974 (alongside Trefoils, Samoas, and Thin Mints, in case you were wondering). They're described as, "oatmeal sandwich cookies with peanut butter filling," and you'll get 20 cookies per package.

Our tasters said their mouths started watering as soon as we opened the plastic sleeve containing the cookies, and the peanut butter aroma permeated the room. The first bite yielded a crumbly cookie held together by the rich, sweet, buttery peanut butter in the middle. It reminded several of the tasters of Nutter Butters, and they were impressed that the filling tasted like real peanut butter. The cookie was a little dense and dry, so you might want to have a glass of milk at the ready when enjoying this one. Between the cookie texture and the hearty peanut butter, the tasters agreed they enjoyed the flavors but might not want more than one or two of these cookies (whereas you could certainly scarf down a dozen Thin Mints without thinking twice).

6. Trefoil

The Girl Scout Cookie Program started as a grassroots project featuring homemade cookies before it turned into the nationwide distribution we know today. When it turned to commercial bakeries in 1951, the Girl Scout lineup featured three cookies: Sandwich, Chocolate Mints (today's Thin Mint), and Shortbread. The box describes the Trefoil as an "iconic shortbread cookie inspired by the original Girl Scout recipe," so you know you're eating a classic when you buy this one.

You'll get more Trefoils than most Girl Scout boxes — 40 cookies total — and this was one of our tasters' favorite cookies because of its simplicity. The aroma filled the air with notes of vanilla and brown butter, and the taste was oh-so buttery. The cookie crumbled a little when we bit into it, but it wasn't dry. We loved how it left a lightly sweet but clean flavor on the palate, and it would be fantastic when dunked into a cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. It's the type of cookie you could mindlessly snack on all day long, so we ranked it toward the top of our list. It's not exciting enough to be number one, but we all wanted to have a box on-hand.

5. Thin Mints

Many of the tasters were expecting Thin Mints to be their number one favorite cookie. This cookie has been around since 1951 (when it was called Chocolate Mints), and it's the No. 1 best-selling cookie, according to the Girl Scouts of America.

You'll get 32 cookies in this package, which describes the cookie as, "crispy chocolaty cookies made with natural oil of peppermint." The tasters all agreed that this cookie is as simple as it is flavorful. The crispy cookie satisfies our urge for a crunchy snack, while the chocolate brings an ideal level of richness. It's the peppermint oil that takes it to the next level, though. This addition is what makes the cookie light and refreshing, and it left our palate clean as if we had just chewed a stick of gum. It's classic and clean, and it would be easy to eat an entire sleeve in one sitting. The only reason this one didn't end up as our favorite cookie is that it's not as rich and decadent as some of the other cookies, but was certainly a top contender for our winner.

4. Adveturefuls

Although this decadent new Girl Scout Cookie has only been out since 2022, the organization reports that they're the fourth best-seller. That's an impressive rise to fame, especially considering that most of the new flavors fell to the bottom of our ranking. You'll get 15 cookies in the package, and the cookies are described as "indulgent, brownie-inspired cookies with caramel flavored crème and a hint of sea salt."

Our first impression of these cookies was the eye test, which they passed with flying colors. They look like creme-filled brownies, and the drizzle of chocolate over the top looks as dramatic on this one as it does on the Samoas. The cookie smelled and tasted fudgy, and the only thing it missed from a real-deal brownie was the soft texture. We were hoping the caramel center would be a little softer, too — and we knew they could do it because they achieve it with the Tagalong — but that was just us being critical. This cookie was widely celebrated in the group for having an indulgent flavor. We especially appreciated the hint of sea salt, which came through and brought all the other rich flavors together.

3. Toast-Yay!

Unfortunately, you won't be able to get one of our favorite new Girl Scout cookies if you live in Little Brownie Baker territory. We had to call in a favor to get our hands on this ABC Bakers cookie, and it's absolutely worth the effort if you can track it down. The package is filled with 16 "French Toast-inspired cookies dipped in delicious icing."

This 2021-released Girl Scout Cookie had everyone talking, and we were all impressed with the cookie's flavor, aroma, and texture. It's adorably shaped like a piece of French toast, with a perfectly crisp graham cracker cookie visible on the top and a thick layer of icing on the bottom. The icing tastes like a cinnamon roll, and those rich, warming spices melted to cover our palates as we chewed. It reminded one of the tasters of Dunkaroos — that 90s snack that came with a side of icing — and another of a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. Everyone loved this cookie, and it was the top choice of one of the tasters.

2. Samoas

Samoas — or Caramel deLites, depending on where you live — are the second best-selling Girl Scout cookie, notes the site, and it's also one of the original four cookies produced by Little Brownie Bakers in 1974. It's described as, "crisp cookies with caramel, coconut, and dark chocolaty stripes," and this one certainly doesn't skimp on the chocolate. The box holds 15 cookies, and it's the only container that's regularly covered in melted chocolate along the sides.

For most of the tasters, this cookie smelled like childhood happiness. It invoked memories of eating Girl Scout cookies as a child, licking that melty chocolate off your fingers after you finished the sweet, coconut-rich treat. The flavor is exquisite, but it's the texture that really makes this cookie shine. It's toothsome, chewy, and packed with coconut shreds. It was the top pick for half of our tasters, and the only reason it wasn't the best overall pick was because of that coconut. If you don't enjoy coconut flavor, you'll want to steer clear of this cookie, because there's not enough chocolate in the world to cover up that tropical flavor.

1. Tagalongs

These cookies were introduced to the Little Brownie Bakery lineup in 1976, and they've been a star ever since. They're the third best-selling Girl Scout cookie, per the site, and they received the highest number of points from our tasting group. Each package contains 15 cookies, described as, "crispy cookies layered with peanut butter and covered with a chocolaty coating." If you're in ABC Bakers territory, you'll know these as Peanut Butter Patties.

You can smell the rich peanut butter as soon as you open the box, and it's an intoxicating aroma that will entice even the least hungry patron to take a small bite. They deliver on every angle: The cookie is so soft and pillowy, but the wafer inside is delightfully crisp. The chocolate melts on your fingers and on your tongue as you taste a wave of smooth peanut butter. It's perfectly sweetened, and you get so much peanut butter with every bite. It's a celebration. One taster argued that it's too good — you could only eat one or two of these, whereas you could eat a dozen Thin Mints — but that same taster went in for a third cookie a minute later, so we simply had to name this one our top pick. Of course, it's worth noting that you won't like this one if you don't like peanut butter, but all of our tasters are fans and ranked this at the top of their scorecard.

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