Taco Bell Says Goodbye To The Quesarito & 3 Other Items Return

Menu changes are a frequent occurrence at Taco Bell. The Mexican-themed chain regularly adds and removes menu items, seemingly just to find out if customers really love them. In the case of the Mexican pizza, for example, which was removed from the menu in 2020, over 170,000 vexed customers signed a petition calling for its reinstatement on the menu. And as a result of nearly two years of public grumbling, the Mexican pizza made its return to menus. 

And it seems Taco Bell doesn't mind this grassroots input when making decisions, because last fall, the company announced it was letting its customers vote on which axed menu item they most wanted to bring back. The winner was the Enchirito, which was a staple on the menu for decades before it was removed in 2013. It returned on November 17 of 2022, but not as a permanent addition, as it will be rotated out again after a limited run.

This frequent coming and going of menu items is why no Taco Bell fans will be surprised about the planned discontinuation of the Quesarito, as the Restaurant Business Magazine recently reported. Given the trend, they also won't be shocked if it reappears sometime in the future — like the Bacon Club Chalupa and Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito, and Breeze slushy flavors are set to do. 

What's new at Taco Bell

While fast food fans have just a short time to mourn the loss of the Quesarito, which is planned for April 19, they can look forward to other returning items. The Bacon Club Chalupa ($4.99) and Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito ($3.49), returned to menus this week for a limited time. 

The Bacon Club Chalupa's reappearance comes after a two-year absence and may have been driven by express customer interest as fans of the item started a Facebook page calling for its return. Also returning is the Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito, though this item had quite a short life as a regular item. The cheesy burrito, which boasts twice the amount of steak as the Steak Quesadilla, first premiered as recently as the 2022 holiday season, per the Restaurant Business Magazine.

Joining the two food items on Taco Bell menus throughout the U.S. were a pair of freeze flavors: the Wild Cherry Breeze and Blue Raspberry Breeze. The Baja Blast, which was added to the menu in 2013, is Taco Bell's most popular frozen drink. The beverage style is noted for its slushy-like consistency and fruity flavors.