The Discontinued Menu Item Taco Bell Fans Voted Back On The Menu

Taco Bell fans love the restaurant's affordable menu offerings, including its secret menu items. While Thrillist notes that Taco Bell has over 39 different foods and beverages to choose from, there are certain items that come and go at a moment's notice. Taco Bell's nacho fries have appeared and disappeared for years, though they currently are available solo, as well as in the nacho fry box (via Taco Bell). Taco Bell's much beloved Mexican Pizza is another item that was taken away and then brought back by popular demand: As many will recall, the outage from fans was so great when the vegetarian-friendly menu item was removed Taco Bell gave in and the Mexican Pizza returned in September.

Well, Taco Bell was listening to its fans once again, recently allowing them to vote between two menu items, explaining in a press release the winner would reappear on menus for a limited time. Those two discontinued fan faves? The Enchirito and the Double Decker Taco. Only Taco Bell Rewards members were able to vote and had until October 6 to cast their selection, and the results are officially in.

Team Enchirito reigns Supreme

On October 7, Taco Bell released an Instagram post announcing the Enchirito would be brought back for a limited time starting November 17. The Enchirito originally debuted on Taco Bell's menu in 1970. According to a press release, the Enchirito delighted customers for 43 years before being removed from the menu in 2013. As the name suggests, the Enchirito is a hybrid between an enchilada and a burrito: The filling is made with ground beef, beans, and onions, which are stuffed inside a flour tortilla and topped with red ranchero sauce. And to make it extra craveable, the entire thing is smothered in melted cheddar cheese.

Fans commenting on the Instagram post appeared fairly divided. Several people complained about the Double Decker Taco not being chosen, with one user writing, "NOOOOOO BRING BACK DOUBLE DECKER TACO!!!!" While other fans pleaded with the fast food chain to bring the winning Enchirito back permanently instead of for its advertised "limited-time." A few desperate fans even took the opportunity to demand Taco Bell bring back other discontinued items, with one person commenting, "WE WANT CARMEL APPLE EMPANADAS!!!!" 

Only time will tell what and if any other favorite makes their way back to the menu — and for how long — but starting November 17 Enchirito fans can celebrate their temporary menu win.