The Versatile Green Juice Martha Stewart Drinks Every Morning

Socially-aware foodies are no strangers to the torrential onslaught of health trends that pelt the food scene. Wellness fads seem to come and go with enough speed to cause whiplash. By the time your quinoa has finished cooking, it isn't vogue anymore. Now, oat milk is the cool thing. Scratch that — folks are into kombucha now, actually. Yet, some popular health-food trends really do have some scientific backing (and subsequent endurance). To that effect, there's a reason why green juice has stuck around.

Green juice is a pillar of truth-in-advertising: It's the juice of green vegetables. It's an easy way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. Plus, it's a cocktail of all the combined health benefits of the vegetables you choose to incorporate. It can reduce inflammation, improve neurological health, regulate digestion, and boost the immune system.

Martha Stewart herself is a self-professed green juice enthusiast. Her 98th published book is a lifestyle guidebook called "Very Good Things," a collection of over 500 "good things" that Stewart swears by. And believe it or not, green juice is at the top of the rankings. "I start off with my best good thing, which is green juice every morning," the chef tells TODAY

Here's how she makes it. (Spoiler alert: It's different every time.)

Martha Stewart switches up her fruits and veggies

When making her daily green juice, Stewart tells TODAY she prefers to opt for organic ingredients, even growing many of them herself. The first step in the process is firing up her industrial-strength juicer. (Per The Wall Street Journal, Stewart uses one from Breville. But a Vitamix or any other blender would also work). From there, she simply puts a few stalks of celery ("Don't cut the leaves off!"), some fresh spinach leaves, an entire cucumber, fresh ginger, and an orange (with peel) directly into the juicer. Tossing some fruit into that green juice takes the bitter edge off of those leafy greens. But, which fruits and veggies Stewart throws into the mix changes every time she makes it. As she tells The Wall Street Journal, her green juice often includes any combination of these ingredients, plus parsley leaves, pineapple, grapefruit, persimmon, mint, carrot, or pear. Indeed, Stewart even explains on her website that when it comes to green juice, "substitutions" are the name of the game. Whatever fresh produce you happen to have on hand will get the job done.

While the celebrity chef changes up the recipe, she says that she drinks some version of green juice every single morning, and often enjoys it with a breakfast frittata made with chopped bell peppers, steamed broccoli, bacon, fresh herbs, and cheese. For a more substantial lunch, Stewart suggests serving a slice of baked frittata on bread as an elevated egg sandwich.