The Secret To Martha Stewart's Famous Roast Chicken - Exclusive

Martha Stewart — lifestyle icon, ultimate hostess, and TikTok star — is marveling us all once again with her recent debut on the Las Vegas strip. Her first restaurant, The Bedford by Martha Stewart, is a paragon of charm and elegance within the pomp and extravagance that defines Sin City. It's modeled after Stewart's own home and boasts an atmosphere and a culinary experience that will make you feel like you're a special guest at one of Stewart's own coveted dinner parties.

If you've followed the hype, then you've probably heard two things: Start with a martini (pardon us — a Martha-tini), and make sure to order the whole roast chicken. The latter is easily the crowning jewel of the menu, all of which is inspired by Martha's favorite and most beloved recipes. What else captures the classically timeless essence that is Martha Stewart better than a perfect roast chicken

We've tasted this dish ourselves at The Bedford and can attest to just how impressive it is. Browned and crispy on the outside, and tender, juicy, and flavorful on the inside, this piece of poultry will convert even those who wouldn't dare to order something as seemingly mundane as chicken at a fine dining establishment. Complete your meal with a side of smashed potato (topped with caviar if you really want to go all out), and prepare to enter a state of culinary bliss.

It may baffle the mind to understand how something as simple as a roast chicken can draw this much praise. But that's the Martha Stewart way — taking the basics and elevating them to their highest degree. And we have some firsthand insight into how she does it. While speaking exclusively with Tasting Table, Martha Stewart divulges the secret to her famously delicious and arguably unbeatable whole roast chicken.

A dry bird makes for the perfect roast chicken

The first rule of thumb for making a Martha Stewart-approved roast chicken is certainly no surprise. "First of all, the chicken is a very good chicken," Stewart tells Tasting Table. From the bird itself — which is supplied by D'Artagnan, one of the top restaurant purveyors of organic meats and a personal favorite of Stewart — to the butter and locally grown fresh herbs used to complete the dish, Stewart says, "We buy the very best ingredients at this restaurant." And it makes all the difference.

Additionally, The Bedford's whole roasted chicken is a cut above the rest because the tender, juicy meat is wrapped inside the most perfectly crispy skin. It's a flavor and texture combo that is simply delectable, and it's exactly what you want to achieve when making a roasted bird of your own at home. 

There's a simple trick to it, says Stewart, and it's one that many professional chefs employ. "[It's] very important to dry [the chicken] before you roast it," she explains. Pat down your raw chicken with a paper towel (without rinsing it, so as not to spread bacteria), and let it sit in your fridge for as many hours as you can, ideally overnight, to let the skin really dry out. Bring it out to warm to room temperature before you roast it, and you'll be amazed by the results. "It makes a huge difference," Stewart confirms.

For the final touch, Stewart notes "the flavorful stuffing that's inserted under the skin," made from herbed breadcrumbs, and the whole sprigs of rosemary that are inserted into the chicken.

You can learn more and make reservations at The Bedford by Martha Stewart and follow the latest from Martha Stewart on her Instagram.