The Flavorful Spanish Sauce Bobby Flay Serves With Scrambled Eggs

When it comes to cooking scrambled eggs, Bobby Flay has a lot of opinions and a lot of practical advice to impart to both novices and pros. According to Food Network, Flay says the first step in getting this dish right is choosing the right frying pan to cook them in. And it may surprise you to learn the "Iron Chef" personality says scrambled eggs require a pan of the nonstick variety. He told Food Network, "I don't care what skill level you are, do not try to be a hero when it comes to cooking eggs. Every professional chef I know uses a nonstick pan."

However, that's not his only secret. Flay gets the creamiest scrambled eggs by adding a little creme fraiche and extols the virtue of cooking this favorite breakfast dish low and slow. But when he really wants to make his scrambled eggs stand out, Flay uses a Spanish sauce that MasterClass explains was birthed in Tarragona in Catalonia, Spain. It is best described as a tasty and hearty condiment comprised of tomatoes, sweet roasted red peppers, garlic, chile powder, and nuts. What is Flay's secret sauce?

Bobby Flay's secret sauce is romesco

Bobby Flay told Bon Appétit he is a fan of using romesco with his scrambled eggs. Flay said, "I like to do my scramble with a little bit of scallions and romesco, which is a peppery, Spanish, pesto-like sauce. I also like to run some rivers of goat cheese through the eggs with a big spoon. Those eggs are awesome." In fact, Flay loves this way of eating eggs so much, he even added it as a menu item at his New York eatery, Gato, in New York City. 

MasterClass concurs that scrambled eggs and romesco make for a dynamic duo. This sauce is described as having a consistency of jam, but the cooking site notes you can use a blender to make it smooth or a pestle and mortar for a chunkier texture depending on your preference. While it was originally created to go along with fish, romesco can be a dip, a spread, or a sauce to go with a wide variety of dishes. 

There must be something to Flay's match-up of eggs with this sauce because the co-host of the podcast "Always Hungry" isn't the only celebrity chef who likes to pair his eggs with romesco. According to Food Network, Ted Allen likes to use this sauce when he makes a Spanish omelet. So, the next time you are making up eggs, scrambled or otherwise, try a little romesco.