How Bobby Flay Gets The Creamiest Scrambled Eggs

As far as breakfast dishes go, scrambled eggs are one of the most, simple yet delicious. Preparing them is a straightforward process, and they're easy to customize to your liking. Some people add extra herbs, others prefer theirs with a bit of garlic powder, and you can even add lox and onions. When it comes to the texture, however, most people don't purposely try to make tough, rubbery scrambled eggs. 

Bobby Flay shared in an exclusive on Food Network's Kitchen app that his mother was often guilty of cooking eggs this way, and that he came up with a solution. Instead of just using butter to make his breakfast scramble soft and creamy, he also adds crème fraiche. Although the ingredient is similar to sour cream and Greek yogurt, crème fraiche works best for scrambled eggs, Insider shares. 

Greek yogurt is tangy and watery, and sour cream doesn't mix in as well. Crème fraiche, on the other hand, melts seamlessly into the eggs, doesn't overpower them with a secondary flavor, and adds a certain richness that Greek yogurt and sour cream just don't.

How much crème fraiche should you add to scrambled eggs?

For some ingredients, a little goes a long way, but that's not the case for crème fraiche in scrambled eggs. According to Bobby Flay, you'll want to use a good amount, but don't bother measuring it. As the celebrity chef shared in a Food Network demonstration (via Facebook), you'll know when you've added enough at the point that you say to yourself, "that looks like a lot of butter and crème fraiche."

Instead of adding the crème fraiche to the mixing bowl and whisking them in with the eggs, Flay actually puts it directly into the pan along with butter, and does so even before the pan has the chance to finish heating up. He then adds the eggs and stirs continuously until curds begin to form. Once the eggs cook through, they'll be "custardy and creamy" thanks to the addition of crème fraiche.