How Roku Users Can Place DoorDash Orders On Their TVs

DoorDash is not averse to using partnerships to make life better for its subscription DashPass members. Recently, for example, in the lead-up to the Super Bowl, DoorDash and Vita Cocoopened The Hangover Shop in order to help DashPass members recover in style the day after the game. A different announcement revealed that DoorDash was broadening its collaboration with Starbucks to deliver the coffee giant's offerings on a nationwide basis by March 2023.

More comprehensively, the company said in a press release back in September that it was partnering with multiple companies – including Dick's Sporting Goods, Big Lots, and EG America — to enable delivery service for its users across a wide variety of retail shopping outlets. This, of course, was in addition to the more traditional food deliveries DoorDash has been facilitating since it started back in 2013, per Medium.

Now, DoorDash has unveiled yet another partnership aimed at making it easier for DashPass members to order food. Actually, it might be more accurate to say DoorDash is making it easier for Roku users to order food. The company is offering free DashPass membership for a temporary period and enabling food orders straight from televisions or streaming devices.

How the new Roku and DoorDash partnership works

Roku users, including those who sign up on the strength of the new partnership, are able to receive six months of DashPass membership for free, according to Roku. The streaming platform has jointly announced a new multiyear partnership with DoorDash that will offer significant benefits to both companies. Roku is able to offer new features to its users free of charge – deliveries with no fees courtesy of DashPass membership – while DoorDash and its merchant partners are now able to reach a larger audience, and offer them click-to-order delivery options.

Yes, Roku users can order food directly through their televisions by signing up online. Those who already have a DashPass membership, however, are not eligible. The way it works is that restaurants display ads on Roku, showcasing a promotion that can be shared via text or email, and then redeemed through the DoorDash mobile app, per DoorDash. Fast food chain Wendy's, for example, is now advertising with Roku and offering $5 off on any food order over $15. DoorDash, of course, will deliver the order.

Notably, this offer for half a year of free membership and accompanying discounts comes at a time of declining delivery orders. According to the National Association of Convenience Stores, over the course of a year, delivery orders fell by 11%. Both the CEO of Wendy's and the chief financial officer of DoorDash observed that consumers are looking for ways to save money when ordering food.