DoorDash And Vita Coco Are Teaming Up To Cure Your Super Bowl Hangover

Over 100 million people are expected to enjoy Super Bowl parties this year, with nearly 18 million more settling in to watch the action at their favorite watering hole or eatery, according to National Retail Foundation estimates. The convivial atmosphere surrounding the NFL's biggest game and its spectacular halftime show does have a downside, however. It's called going to work on Monday morning.

Many savvy and experienced Super Bowl partygoers are prepared for this eventuality, of course; they've had the forethought to ask for the following day off. Business News Daily reports that about eight million Americans are estimated to have made this request. An equal number, it is believed, simply won't show up to work on Monday.

There is a new solution to the problem of Super Bowl hangovers, recently announced by DoorDash and Vita Coco. The delivery giant and coconut water company are collaborating to open a digital store aptly named The Hangover Shop, which will offer free or discounted remedies for the nation's beleaguered workforce (those who are DashPass members, anyway) on the day after the Super Bowl, per a recent press release.

How The Hangover Shop works

DoorDash and Vita Coco tried The Hangover Shop idea out on a limited basis in 2022, but this year the two companies are going nationwide, offering convenient hangover solutions delivered straight to the door or desk of DoorDash's DashPass subscription members. The remedies, which include Vita Coco coconut water, revivifying snacks, and aspirin and antacids, are free for DashPass members (up to $15) with a limited time offer. The store will open on Monday morning, February 13, at 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, DoorDash has announced.

"Let's face it: Mondays can be rough no matter how you spend your weekend. The Monday after the biggest game of the year is even more of a struggle," noted Jane Prior, Chief Marketing Officer of The Vita Coco Company, in the press release. "For those who may have overindulged or stayed up too late cheering on their team, we're making the morning after a little bit easier with free hangover help through The Hangover Shop on DoorDash."

DashPass members can find The Hangover Shop on DoorDash's mobile app, where they can redeem the limited time offer with its $15 off value. There are over 10 million DashPass members worldwide, per DoorDash, but this offer is strictly for U.S. subscribers, for as long as supplies hold out.