Starbucks Will Soon Deliver To All 50 States With DoorDash

Everyone has their favorite coffee shop. Some of them might be local, while others might be regional, like Dutch Bros or Aroma Joe's, but for the most part, everyone is familiar with the heavy hitters like Dunkin' Donuts and the world-famous coffee brand Starbucks. Over the years, Starbucks has tried to keep up with fast-changing times, which is no easy feat in a world of ever-expanding technology. In 1994, the coffee company opened its first drive-thru in the Golden State of California. In 2008, the company initiated their Starbucks Card Rewards and have since switched to using a mobile app for customers to collect points for their rewards program (via Starbucks Archive). 

The company has updated its app on multiple occasions to optimize tailor-made orders, and there is even an easy way to order before you reach the store and have it ready to be picked up when you arrive (via Microsoft News). All these moves were made to serve more customers and to ensure that lines don't end up winding out the door. Recently, Starbucks has announced another change that will make getting your favorite Starbucks drink so easy you won't have to go any farther than your front door.

Coffee delivered

Have you been craving a cappuccinodirty chai, or matcha latte? While that rundown of drinks certainly sounds good, the prospect of driving to a Starbucks when you get the hankering doesn't always sound that appealing, especially when the weather is less than ideal. Luckily, this year, Starbucks is partnering with DoorDash to make sure you can get coffee without ever having to leave your home or workplace. You can only use the DoorDash delivery service (or application) with companies or restaurants that partner with the company, which Starbucks has not done until now.

According to the company, the international coffee chain will be allowing customers to use DoorDash to whisk their drinks from the store to door in the states of Northern California, Texas, Georgia, and Florida starting immediately, and if all goes according to plan, we should see DoorDash being used nationwide for coffee delivery as soon as March 2023.