The Best Foodie Valentine's Day Gifts Of 2024

Valentine's Day is coming up, and you know what that means: It's time to pick out the perfect present for your boo. Sure, you could always go with the standard stuffed bear and balloons, or even with a heart-shaped container of chocolates. But what about if you want to be more original, more unique? And even more importantly, what if your loved one is a total foodie who isn't going to be satisfied with some weird, dried-out chocolates?

Well, you don't have to worry, because we have you covered. We've selected some of the most exciting Valentine's Day gifts you can give to your food-loving hottie. Of course, you don't have to have a partner to treat someone to these fun, tasty gifts — they're perfect for friends and family members as well. And if all else fails, we all deserve to treat ourselves from time to time too, so feel free to snag some of these goodies for yourself.

Without further ado, let's check out some of the most exciting Valentine's Day gifts we'll be sending this year.

Grillo's Pickles Pickle Bouquet Kit

You may assume that flowers are always the way to go for Valentine's Day, but maybe it's time to switch things up and try something a bit more interesting ... and more delicious. That's why we love the idea of gifting our loved ones a Grillo's Pickles Pickle Bouquet Kit. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like — a kit to make an actual bouquet out of pickles. For just $20 (plus shipping), you'll receive a pickle vase, a custom card, floral filler, tissue paper, and skewers that you can spear the pickles on. Grab the pickles separately, and prepare the bouquet just before your boo gets home so they'll be surprised by the dill-flavored gift.

We love this gift because it's not super-expensive, it's funny, and it's ultimately very memorable. When was the last time you got a bouquet made of pickles, anyway? It's basically like an Edible Arrangement, but instead of forcing down soggy fruit for three days straight, you'll get to indulge in perhaps the best snack of all time: Grillo's pickles. That being said, you should probably make sure you're dating a pickle lover before you go all-out with this very specific gift.

Fancy Sprinkles Breakable Heart Decorating Set

Not all of us are lucky enough to spend Valentine's Day with someone we have the hots for. If you or someone you love has recently gone through a breakup, you might be looking for a... less conventional way to celebrate the holiday. If that's you, then you need to get your hands on the Fancy Sprinkles Breakable Heart Decorating Set. This fun kit allows you to make your very own heart out of candy. When that melted candy cools, it forms a hard shell that you can then break, shattering the heart (but hopefully not your dreams of finding true love). You can add letter decorations to the top of the heart to create a fitting message.

Our advice? Fill the candy heart with goodies for your broken-hearted bestie (or yourself). Conversation hearts, a heartfelt note, and even more sweet goodies are all solid options.

Although this is a great gift for those who are feeling a little let down about Valentine's Day, this present isn't restricted to the broken-hearted. It can be a fun addition to a Valentine's Day party or an exciting way to spice up a Valentine's Day spent at work. And hey, maybe your partner is going through a tough time and just wants to smash something.

Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears

Candy is an essential part of Valentine's Day, but that doesn't mean you always want to stick with the chocolates. Perhaps your loved one isn't a big fan of chocolates, or maybe you just want to give them something different than you do every other year. Whatever the case may be, it's worth checking out Sugarfina's Champagne Gummy Bears. Yes, these gummy bears are made with actual Champagne — and nice Champagne at that. The recipe includes Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne, so you know you're getting the best of the best in gummy form. You'll get both the classic Brut and rosé flavors to snack away on.

These are a super-fun gift for all the Champagne lovers out there, but you don't need to be a drinker to enjoy them. They're alcohol-free, so you can easily share them with kids or really binge out on them on a work night.

Just because you're opting for these Champagne gummy bears doesn't mean you have to completely forgo the chocolate, though. Sugarfina sells a wide variety of candy, so you can choose a few different varieties if you really want to treat your loved one. We also love these candies for parties and Galentine's Day get-togethers.

Valentine Marmite Jar

If you're not from the U.K., then you may not be familiar with Marmite. It's a savory spread made from yeast extracts, and it has a serious following both in the U.K. and abroad. Admittedly, it's not for everyone. For every person who claims to be a diehard fan of the spread, there's another who vehemently hates it and would refuse to ever let it touch their food. Of course, if your loved one falls into the latter category, you're going to want to avoid this gift (unless you're really, really upset with them), but if your boo is a certified Marmite lover, this may just be the best gift you could give them. Visit the Marmite website, and you'll see that you can snag a jar of the stuff with a fun label that simply reads "Love you." It's simple, it's fun, and it's sure to add to your valentine's cooking repertoire. You can also get sets that say, "Love you, Mom," and "Love you, Dad," if you're looking for goodies you can share with your parents.

If you're really serious about delivering on the Marmite front, it's also possible to get jars of the condiment that are personalized with the name of your special someone. They can keep the jar even after they finish the contents of it, and it'll serve as a reminder that you know what they like when it comes to savory spreads. And isn't that the true definition of love, after all?

Le Creuset Heart-Shaped Dutch Oven

When it comes to top-notch cookware, Le Creuset is one of the most beloved brands on the market, so pretty much any of the brand's cookware is likely to be a hit with your cooking cutie. But if you really want to go with the Valentine's Day theme, you can't go with this Le Creuset Heart-Shaped Dutch Oven. The unique shape is one of a kind, and it'll make your Valentine's Day feast even more special. Our favorite is the cerise, or red, but you can also opt for the licorice color, which is black.

And yes, although this cast iron Dutch oven is shaped like a heart, it's not so severely shaped that you'll have a hard time stirring whatever you're cooking. This isn't just a novelty purpose — it's a high-quality piece of cookware that can last a lifetime if you take good care of it. If you really want to treat that special someone in your life, this is a fantastic way to do it.

Cote Wine Club Membership or Gift Box

If your partner is a wine lover, then you may be thinking of going to your local wine shop and picking out a nice bottle or two to surprise them with. That's obviously going to be a hit, but what if you want to take your gift a step further? If that's the case, then you may want to look into a subscription from Cote Wine Club. This wine club will send you three bottles of sommelier-selected wine a month, with a focus on trendy regions and winemakers and sustainably produced wines.

Of course, a wine subscription isn't going to be right for everyone. If you'd rather not get a shipment every month but would instead prefer a single gift, you can check out Cote's gift boxes, which range from relatively modest to all-out show stoppers. We personally love the sparkling wine gift box for Valentine's Day. You'll receive a bottle of Champagne and two other varieties of sparkling wine, all of which can be popped and poured on Valentine's Day itself.

Risque Conversation Hearts

Conversation hearts are one of the most essential iconic Valentine's Day food items, but you don't have to settle with the same old boring variety you've been using since you were in kindergarten. If you're trying to set the mood for the holiday — or just trying to make your close friends laugh — you may want to snag some risque conversation hearts. Instead of the standard "be mine" and "I love you" messages you're used to seeing on conversation hearts, you'll be treated to a spicier experience with slightly more suggestive messaging. There's nothing too deeply offensive about these messages, but you'll definitely want to make sure you're handing these out to adults—you don't want them getting mixed into your child's Valentine's Day goodies.

Whether you're just started seeing someone or you're just looking for something fun and small to give your closest friends, this is a low-key present that's sure to get some giggles without breaking the bank.

Uncommon Goods Blooming Lollipops

Sometimes, you just want to keep things simple, and giving your valentines some candy might just be the best way to do that. But that doesn't mean you have to go for the Valentine's Day-branded candy you'll find in every CVS location across the country. If you're looking for something a bit tastier and visually appealing, you should check out the offerings at Uncommon Goods. One of our favorite sweet treats from the brand is the Blooming Lollipops. These beautiful candies contain botanicals that offer flavors like lavender lemongrass and strawberry basil — which is probably more appropriate for your adult friends and loved ones than a sugar-filled chocolate heart.

The best part about these lollipops, though, is the fact that the stick contains a special secret: They're actually filled with seeds. Plant the stick in the ground, and in a matter of months, an edible flower or herb will sprout from the ground. Tend to it, and you may even be able to eat from that plant, months after you finish the candy.

This elegant, delicious gift is perfect for those who love plants and gardening and don't tend toward the super-sweet candies we're used to on holidays like Valentine's Day.

Blue Ribbon Sushi Kit for Two

You can always go out for a nice dinner for Valentine's Day, but all too often the restaurants are absolutely packed, and it can be difficult to get a reservation, especially if you wait until the last minute to book. If you're looking for a solid alternative that doesn't involve you having to stand over the stove for hours at a time, you should consider ordering Blue Ribbon's Sushi Kit for Two. When you opt for this sushi kit, you'll get the opportunity to personalize it based on what you and your partner like best. In addition to all the standard rice and fish you'll need to make incredible sushi, you can also get special add-ons like uni and caviar that can make your date night even more special.

This is an ideal option if you want to enjoy a more intimate night at home without having to get all dressed up (and brave the cold of mid-February if you live in a cold climate). Plus, having the opportunity to put the dinner together yourself makes this a fun activity that's more exciting than a standard dinner. Without any add-ons, you'll pay around $150 for this kit.

Pop 'N Dulge Movie Night Popcorn Set

Whether you're planning on watching funny rom-coms with your family or friend group to celebrate the holiday or you're trying to make your movie night with your boo more delicious, the Pop 'N Dulge Movie Night Popcorn Set is a great way to set the tone for the evening. This isn't just your standard bagged microwave popcorn. Instead, you'll receive five different types of popcorn along with five different popcorn seasonings, so you can make the perfect bowl to share with your movie-watching companions. From the classic salted butter to the fiery hot pepper seasoning, you'll be blown away by the amount of flavor you can add to each and every bowl of popcorn you make in the near future.

Of course, you don't have to stop at the popcorn if you want to make your Valentine's Day movie night extra special. Grab some candy and other savory snacks, or order a pizza to indulge in before enjoying your popcorn after dinner. Open a bottle of wine or some cans of sparkling water, and get cozy with the people you love.

Pampshade Bread Lamp

If it's not already clear by now, we love a food-based gift for Valentine's Day (and every other holiday of the year). But admittedly, it is a bummer that you don't get the chance to keep your foodie gifts after you've consumed them. If you're on the hunt for a present that isn't consumable but will still please your food-loving partner, you need to check out these Pampshade Bread Lamps. These hyper-realistic-looking lamps are designed to look like different kinds of bread and light up from the inside, creating a truly one-of-a-kind look. Choose from lamps shaped like croissants, baguettes, kaiser bread, and toast. And if you want to keep decorating with that same theme, you can also snag a melting clock that looks like naan. It might be niche, but it's sure to be a hit with the bread-lover in your life.

Your partner, friend, or family member may not have the chance to chow down on this delicious-looking piece of bread, but they'll have a room illuminated by a glowing baguette from here on out, and if you ask us, that's an unbeatable gift.

Giada De Laurentiis' Giadzy Cacio e Pepe Date Night Box

Don't want to have to make reservations at that buzzy, expensive Italian restaurant that everyone's been talking about recently? You don't have to if you opt for Giada De Laurentiis' Giadzy Cacio e Pepe Date Night Box. This kit is such a fun way to make a top-notch pasta dish at home, and you don't even have to do the hard work of sourcing all the ingredients. In this kit, you'll receive a package of organic bucatini, a type of pasta, four-pepper-infused virgin olive oil, DOP parmigiano reggiano 24-month aged cheese, and pecorino romano DOP cheese. This is really all you need to make a delicious pasta dish but feel free to pick up extras like some protein and salad ingredients if you really want to go all out.

Of course, you can make dinner for your boo, but it can also be fun to cook together and try out all your new ingredients. Oh, and don't forget to pour yourself a glass of wine or a non-alcoholic aperitif before you start cooking. No matter how you plan to celebrate your pasta night in, you're sure to create a night to remember for your loved one.

Hanson of Sonoma Caviar and Martini Gift Set

What better way to say "I love you" than caviar and martinis? This high-end gift set includes two engraved Hanson and Sonoma martini glasses, a bottle of original vodka, Castelvetrano olives, and a recipe card for instructions on how to make the perfect martini. The caviar set is encased in a cool pack and includes a caviar spoon, a key to open the container, and your choice of Bareii, Royal, or Kaluga Hybrid caviar. This gift set is certainly on the higher end of Valentine's gift options, priced at $200. But, it is overnight shipped to your doorstep so you can enjoy an intimate, romantic evening with your loved one and feast on sophisticated Valentine's Day fare. 

We love that this gift set is super thoughtfully packaged and all-inclusive. All you'll have to worry about is washing the glasses and saving them for your next special date night. 

The Meeting Place on Market Deluxe Valentine's Coffee Lovers Gift Set

There's no better way to start an intimate Valentine's Day than a warm cup of coffee. The Meeting Place on Market has us covered with its Deluxe Valentine's Day Coffee Gift Set. The set includes your choice of two bags of either whole bean or ground coffee (one origin and one seasonal flavor), two homemade Italian biscotti to share with your lover, and a wooden rose magnet to prop on your refrigerator to commemorate a special Valentine's Day spent together. 

The packaging on this box is really sophisticated and is made of 95% recycled materials, making it a gift you can feel good about giving. This box is priced at $58, with shipping included, which makes it a solid middle-of-the-road-priced Valentine's gift. But we would love it even more if The Meeting Place on Market added a couple of cute coffee mugs to go with it. 

Cheese Bros. Love is Cheesy Valentine's Gift Basket

We would fall head-over-heels for anyone who gave us a charcuterie box for Valentine's Day. This creative spread from the Wisconsin-based Cheese Bros. offers every snacking accompaniment you'll need: four 6-ounce blocks of cheese in honey sriracha gouda, dill Havarti, "Pretty Boy" sharp cheddar, and smoked gouda; a jar of locally made cherry lavender jam and a package of sugary caramels for a sweet conclusion to your mid-day reprieve. The box is priced at $59.95 and can be bundled with other gift baskets for additional discounts. We thought the packaging was beautiful and refined, and the products would fit all of the sweet, savory, and umami notes of a balanced charcuterie board. 

Besides the current selections, the only thing we would want to see in this box is some sort of chip or cracker for savoring with the cheeses. But you can always make a trip to your local Trader Joe's for a box of those and a bouquet of roses while you're at it. 

Jeni's Ice Cream Valentine's Day Collection

Although having your freezer stocked with pints of delicious ice cream may not have been what you had in mind to give your Valentine this year, we can assure you that Jeni's Ice Cream will make for a much better gift than any cheap grocery store boxed chocolate. This selection from the highly-regarded ice cream brand contains six creative flavors: Brambleberry Crisp, Wildberry Lavender, Gooey Butter Cake, Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks, Darkest Chocolate, and Honey Vanilla Bean. For $68, the pints will arrive at your doorstep packed in dry ice, so you can pop them right into your freezer and enjoy them even after Valentine's Day has passed. 

Although this box only offers a select few of the best Jeni's ice cream flavors, it hits the spot when your store doesn't carry any of them. Plus, we think its Gooey Butter Cake is reason enough to order the Valentine's Day box alone. This thick, cream-cheese base is perfectly complemented with a sweet butterscotch swirl. If your Valentine isn't already in love with you, Jeni's ice cream will surely help seal the deal.

Vermont Wagyu Sweetheart Collection

There's no better act of love than cooking. Vermont Wagyu's Sweetheart Collection makes whipping up a romantic Valentine's Day dinner a little easier. This carnivore's delight contains a 10-ounce "Crown Jewel" tenderloin and a nearly two-pound jumbo rib-eye. But before you ask why anyone would pay $170 for two steaks, consider that these aren't just any steak; they're full-blood Wagyu. 

Full-blood Wagyu is unique because its genetics can be traced back to Japanese Wagyu. For beef nerds who want to get their hands on the Japanese version, which must be bred on the island nation, full-blood Wagyu might be the only way possible. Moreover, Wagyu beef is desirable because it has a much better marbling than standard steak and a flavor dependent on what the cow ate during its lifetime. Some would describe the flavor as uniquely grassy and rich. 

Despite the sticker shock, it's important to know that because wagyu beef is so rich and fatty, you may actually get a couple of meals out of this gift box. While it's undoubtedly primal to give your Valentine a piece of meat for this romantic holiday, it's an excellent gift for someone who has an appreciation for butchery and fine meats. 

Our methodology

Everyone has different gifting preferences, so we wanted to create a comprehensive guide that accommodated different price points and items. For example, if your sweetheart would rather eat something out of the container than make it themselves, we have options for that. Or, if they're a collector of cute novelties, there are products here for them, too. The list also accommodates different dietary needs and preferences.

We also chose some products you could give to a lover or someone who genuinely loves food to whom you want to express gratitude like your parent or sibling. That being said, don't give your grandma the Risque Valentine's Hearts. To broaden the reach of our gift guide, we also selected items that could be purchased online rather than require in-store pickup and focused on the ones with high reviews for quality, packaging, and overall experiential value. Regardless of what you choose to gift this Valentine's Day, the path to your loved ones' hearts may very well be through their stomachs.