Julia Child Was Deeply Enamored With This Costco Specialty

It's hard to think of many ways Julia Child could become even more likable than she already was, but learning she loved Costco is one of them. The legendary chef has remained an icon for decades, not only due to her excellent recipes, but also her down-to-earth relatability that helped make French cooking accessible to millions of Americans. Few people could make a roast chicken as good as Child, but, as Kitchn notes, not many cooks that good would also be happy serving Goldfish crackers as an appetizer before it. So, it only makes sense that one of America's most popular, and unpretentious, food personalities would like Costco. 

The discount retailer is one of the most beloved brands in America, with YouGov reporting that it is tied with Target for having the highest percentage of shoppers with a positive opinion of it. Like Trader Joe's, Costco's low prices and high quality groceries have inspired a fanatical following, with Business Insider stating that some fan websites and blogs have followings in the hundreds of thousands.

There is one part of the Costco food experience in particular that customers love to rave about, and it turns out that Child was one of those people.

Julia Child loved Costco hot dogs

If you have a Costco fan in your life, they have probably sung the praises of the store's hot dog. As The Takeout notes, the hot dog combo at Costco is famous not just for how tasty it is, but for its absurdly low price of $1.50, which has not changed since 1985. According to Delish, Julia Child was one of the many fans of the Costco hot dog. She would reportedly order every time she went shopping there, and the New York Times reports that she loved it "as much as a fine French meal." Those Costco trips would not have been infrequent either, as Child thought the store's meat selection, especially its steaks, per Delish, was the best in town.

And don't let yourself think Child's love of cheap American classics, or popular chains, ended there. According to SF Gate, the California resident was also a regular at In-N-Out. Like in her own cooking, Child appreciated restaurants that made simple food really well, opting to eat at no-frills local spots like La Super-Rica taqueria over many fancier options around her Santa Barbara home. So while you might be inspired to imitate the great by making a bowl of beef bourguignon, you could do so just as well by eating a good hot dog or supporting your neighborhood taco spot. Because when it comes to Child, loving good food is the only thing that really matters.