The Simple Tip For Serious Savings On Steak At Costco

Big box retailers like Costco have built their cult-like followings based on the incredible bulk deals they give members. But that doesn't mean everything on the shelves is really a deal. And in the case of steaks, the obvious selection in the meat department is not actually the best choice for those looking to save. Though some, such as Money, might advise shoppers to skip buying any type of meat at Costco, there is quite a smart trick members can use to stretch their dollar further without making another stop for groceries.

According to Insider, the best way to buy steaks at the beloved bulk store is to reach for a much larger cut of meat. By buying a whole roast instead of pre-cut steaks, you can save around $3 per pound, depending on your location. And the benefits of buying meat in large quantities at Costco don't end there.

The advantages of buying a whole roast go beyond savings

Chef J. Kenji López-Alt recommends giving Insider's money-saving tip a try. Not only does buying a whole roast or a full beef strip loin save you money and provide you with steaks for days, but he shared with Serious Eats that it also gives you more control over the outcome of your steaks and how much fat is on each. And if you are going to spend money on steaks, you might as well get ones that are to your liking. By slicing the roast or strip loin into steaks at home, you can cut them as thick as you would like; However, López-Alt recommends going no thinner than an inch and a half.

Best of all, you only need two kitchen knives to cut your own steaks: a boning knife and a chef's knife. To cut your own steaks from the larger cut of meat, you simply need to prepare it by drying it thoroughly and trimming the fat to your preference. Next, measure out and mark the cuts of steak with a slight cut into the top of the meat. Once you have the steaks measured out, you can return with a sharp knife to cut each one. 

With a vacuum sealer or even by wrapping the steaks tightly in cling wrap before placing them in an airtight container, you can quickly and easily store any extra steaks to enjoy later.