How To Fill Your Taco Bell Enchirito Void Now That It's Off The Menu

After a successful run of the Enchirito, which was featured on Taco Bell's menu from 1970 to 2013, the beloved enchilada-style dish was taken off the menu. The Enchirito is Taco Bell's version of an enchilada consisting of a soft flour tortilla filled with seasoned beef, beans, and onions. The tortilla is rolled up and covered in classic red sauce and melted cheddar cheese. In 2022, fans voted to bring back either the Double Decker Taco, a hybrid of a soft and crunchy beef taco, or the Enchirito for a limited time.

Being an all-time favorite item, the Enchirito won its spot back on the menu, and people were excited to try it after its long disappearance, winning 67% of the votes (via USA Today). After its return, an Insider reporter went to try the dish and, unfortunately, was disappointed overall — from the look to the texture and taste. Maybe that's why as of November 30, the Enchirito has been taken off the menu after a mere two-week return. So, what's an Enchirito lover to do now that it's gone? Try these alternatives.

Customize your Taco Bell order to recreate it

Yes, we did say it is off the menu, but there's still a workaround to recreate any discontinued menu items. According to Thrillist, you can use their POS ordering system to bring back your favorite items; the only trick is to be extremely specific while ordering. They break it down and suggest ordering a Burrito Supreme with extra beef and cheese, a side of red sauce, sour cream, and nacho cheese sauce. After this, order two sides of the three-cheese blend, and you can request it on top of the burrito. They note you may even have some luck if you just ask the cashier for it — it might be worth trying it out!

Order an Enchilado style burrito from Baja Fresh

Baja Fresh is a fast-food Mexican chain serving up burritos, tacos, bowls, and salads. While they don't have an exact dupe, they do advertise that you can order an Enchilado style burrito. If ordered this way, the burrito of your choice will come smothered in red chili sauce and melted jack cheese, served with sour cream. Order yours with beef to get a close imitation of Taco Bell's (with the addition of rice), or opt for other selections to make your own. Although Baja Fresh hasn't yet made its way around the country as Taco Bell has, you may just have to venture to one to try it.

Enjoy an enchilada at Chuy's

If you're lucky enough to be close to one of the over 100 Chuy's locations, you'll know their enchiladas are to die for. While their enchiladas are made a more traditional way, with corn tortillas, we promise you they will fill your Taco Bell Enchirito void and more. Offering four different types of enchiladas or a custom make-your-own, they are served with a side of rice and beans. Bonus tip –- be sure to ask for some creamy jalapeño dip for your chips; it's a total game changer!

Make it yourself!

There's always an option of making enchiladas at home, and we love this idea! Try out our loaded beef enchilada recipe. If you want to venture even further, try out making your own red enchilada sauce at home. Next thing you know, you'll be whipping up enchiladas at home all the time. We know this will quickly fill the void, and you will realize you don't even miss the Taco Bell Enchirito!