The Avocado-Centric Restaurant You'll Find Throughout Europe

Avocado lovers, do we have the dining establishment for you! The Avocado Show is on a mission to cater to avocado aficionados across the world. In 2017, the first location opened in Amsterdam, and the lively company has shown no signs of slowing down.

The Culture Trip recognizes that even with the first location, intentionally placed in Amsterdam's trendy and foodie-obsessed De Pijp neighborhood, the avocado-focused concept was primed to make a splash with its picturesque avocado toasts, burgers made with avocado halves instead of bread buns, and ice cream blended from peanut butter and avocado.

Since its launch, The Avocado Show team has opened several other locations across Europe and the UK, boutiques devoted to takeaway orders, a cookbook, an app, a merchandise line, and even an electric boat tour that glides avocado fans through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. When those avocado cravings hit, The Avocado Show certainly has you covered.

Avocados for all

The Avocado Show estimates over 500,000 customers have been served since opening. Perhaps, more importantly, customers have enjoyed avocados that have been procured sustainably; the restaurant has committed to supporting socially responsible and sustainable avocado farms that prioritize drip irritation, composting, reforestation, and climate-informed agricultural practices. When one avocado requires nearly 85 gallons of water to grow, these initiatives can add up, according to Danwatch (a tomato requires just under 1.5 gallons to grow by comparison). Plus, research has shown that one avocado comes with a carbon footprint five times that associated with eating a banana, so it can be difficult to enjoy avocado goodies guilt-free (via Evening Standard).

Yet the avocados that The Avocado Show slices for Instagram-worthy poke bowls and avocado fries arrive from Chile, Mexico, Peru, Spain, and South Africa, and as noted on their website, the group has taken efforts to ensure a thoughtful approach to buying and moving avocado to help ease customers' sustainability concerns.

Don't have a location near you? We have a list of quick and easy avocado recipes for you to try at home.