Gail Simmons Says This Is Her Favorite Place To Buy Snacks In London - Exclusive

The newest season of "Top Chef" airs on Bravo TV in early spring 2023. This season, both new watchers and longtime fans of the show are in for something totally new, as the show brings together a slate of international top chefs to compete in a culinary showdown unlike any other. This globally focused season was also filmed outside the U.S., bringing the host, Padma Lakshmi, and judges Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons to London, England, an international crossroads in its own right. That no doubt made for an impeccable and unforgettable culinary experience, both on and off the set.

Recently, Tasting Table got inside details about it all while catching up with chef Simmons. In an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, Simmons opened up about her experience filming this season of "Top Chef" from London, including some of the local British treats she enjoyed and is still enjoying back home. Simmons also revealed one of her favorite places to buy British snacks and sweets, and it needs to quickly be added to your must-visit list when you're making a trip across the pond.

The famous Fortnum & Mason is your ultimate destination for British treats

When Gail Simmons wasn't busy on the set of "Top Chef", she had plenty of time to check out everything that London has to offer, and that includes a treasure trove of sweet and savory treats alike, from biscuits to crisps, to candies and coffees (and tea, of course), and more. "I certainly spent a lot of time exploring the snack situation," Gail told Tasting Table, not only to satiate her own curious appetite, but also because she had her family in tow. "I was there with my children, so they also were really into the snacks. They're always into the chip flavors and the snacky flavors. My kids love British chocolate."

One of Simmons' favorite spots to load up on goodies is a famous British destination in its own right. "I still have a bunch of delicious chocolate cookies that I brought back from Fortnum & Mason," she said. The specialty department store dates back more than 300 years, and one of its claims to fame includes supposedly inventing the scotch egg. 

They're also known for offering a bountiful selection of artisanal snacks and sweets and specialty food items. Simmons also recalled the "beautiful tea that I bought there. I'm not really a tea drinker, but when you go to England, you become a tea drinker. You can't help it." With such a vast and highly popular selection at Fortnum & Mason, we can hardly blame her for stocking up.

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