Padma Lakshmi Gives Us A Preview Into Taste Of The Nation Season 3 - Exclusive

We can't give you an exact release date for "Taste The Nation" Season 3, but we can confirm it's happening! Stock up on your popcorn for the Spring of 2023. Lakshmi exclusively told "Tasting Table" that she's currently "in the middle of editing those [episodes] and writing the voiceover and everything." Last June, the "Taste The Nation" creator tantalized her followers via tweet; she'd be heading to Puerto Rico, Houston, and Appalachia for the next round of her James Beard Foundation Award-winning culinary series.

"The Nigerians in Houston are a great community, and it's one that was a lot of fun to do," Lakshmi told Tasting Table in a recent exclusive interview. "Another one that I love is the Cambodian episode. We go to Lowell, Massachusetts. One in four people of Lowell are Cambodian, and they completely revitalize that community." The Emmy-nominated producer also enjoyed going to D.C., where she spent time with the Afghan community. "That's a beautiful episode, too," she dished. "We have 10 episodes on deck for next spring."

The part of Taste The Nation Season 3 that 'moved' Padma Lakshmi

Hospitality is a different ballgame when you're inviting not only strangers but cameras into your house. "Obviously, we are casting for the show and make sure that people are open and want to talk about their lives and stuff," Lakshmi reflected to Tasting Table. "You never know until you get there how it's going to be, because how a person talks to a producer on the phone or even in person is different than me coming in with my cameras. Even if they're small cameras and there's only two or three, it's a lot." However, Lakshmi said, camera-ready or not, everyone she showcased on "Taste The Nation" was "very hospitable and they all want to show you their culture."

Filming in the nation's capital left a particular mark on her. "I can think of one particular gentleman named Homayun who had us in his home," she remembered. "His wife's a lawyer and he's a great cook, and he was showing me how to make this wonderful Afghan dish called aushak." Homayun gave Lakshmi the gift of aushak — Afghan leak dumplings — as well as another dish. 

"He had already made this beautiful green chutney," Lakshmi remembered. "And he had put it in a bottle and said, 'I made this for you.' That is so thoughtful because it had nothing to do with the recipe we were cooking or anything. It was such a generous thing to do, and I was very moved by that."

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