The Breakfast Food Your Wallet Will Thank You For Swapping With Cereal

Coffee, bacon, omelets, cereal. It may normally be the meal people love so much they'll eat it twice in one day, but breakfast is taking a real hit lately. According to U.S. News and World Report soaring prices have affected every section of the grocery store. But your morning meal has had it worst of all, with the prices of breakfast meats jumping over 15%, and everyone's go-to favorite, eggs, outpacing almost everything at a whopping 33% jump. So much for waking up to a nice, warm slice of quiche lorraine.

You might think you could get some relief by eating more cereal, but your Special K hasn't been immune to the forces disrupting global supply chains either. Grain prices remain high and transportation costs continue to climb, adding up to a 12% increase in the price of breakfast cereal over this time last year. Unless you want to eat nothing but potatoes for breakfast, it may seem like you are out of options for saving a buck. But there is a nutritious substitute for cereal that will make your morning, and your bank account, feel a little better.

Sub out cereal for oatmeal to lower that grocery bill

Goodbye cereal, hello oatmeal. U.S. News and World Report notes that a serving of oatmeal costs less than your standard breakfast cereal and is likely to keep you feeling more full afterward. This is because oats are incredibly nutrient-dense, containing tons of fiber, vitamins, and minerals — and that's before you start considering all the healthy things, like protein powder, you can add to it (via Healthline). Cheap and healthy is a winning combination for breakfast, especially when you factor in all the sugar and additives breakfast cereals can have.

Your healthy, affordable oatmeal doesn't need to be an austere punishment either. It's one of the most customizable foods in your pantry, whether you're mixing in pumpkin puree or cooking it in tea. According to Bon Appétit, there are tons of delicious toppings and add-ons like fresh fruit, nuts, and honey that can add crunch and sweetness while still keeping things healthy and wholesome. Or you can swing the other direction and add mushrooms, squash, and eggs for a savory meal that could take the place of your sausage and bacon just as easily as your breakfast cereal. Oatmeal might just end up being the one inflation sacrifice you'll be happy you had to make.