New Survey Reveals 38% Of People Say This Is Their Go-To Breakfast

Oh, the wide, wonderful world of breakfast. Whether or not this morning meal is the most important of the day, it's certainly one of the tastiest, and owes much of its delectability to the fact that unlike lunch or dinner, breakfast is populated by dishes both savory and sweet. Whether you've got a sweet tooth, prefer salty options, or like both on one plate, breakfast is the meal for you. It promises of French toast, pancakes, and boxed cereals on the sweet side, and eggs, bacon, and bagels on the savory.

Like all tastes, favorite breakfast items will vary from person to person. Here at Tasting Table, we were curious about what our readers like to eat alongside their morning coffee — or orange juice. We asked 626 survey respondents about their go-to breakfast meal. There was an overwhelming winner, and it falls on the savory side of the spectrum.

More than 38% of survey respondents love an eggy breakfast

When you think of breakfast, what's the first food item that comes to mind? For many, it's eggs, those tasty, self-contained wonders that can be whisked into a scramble, fried into an omelet, soft boiled to be eaten with toast, any many other options. Perhaps unsurprisingly, more than 38% of survey respondents — or 240 people — told us that eggs are their go-to for their morning meal.

Eggs are great if you feel like cooking over a hot stove early in the morning. But for quick breakfasts, boxed cereal is king — a fact reflected in the survey results. 151 respondents — or 24% — named cereal as their breakfast go-to. Oatmeal, too, was a popular choice, with 94 fans of the hot cereal — 15% of respondents — naming this childhood favorite as an enduringly popular breakfast. More than 13% — or 83 breakfasters who perhaps have a bit more time on their hands in the morning — or are adept at meal prep — named pancakes and waffles as their breakfast go-to. Plain old toast rounded out the favorites for 58 respondents, or more than 9%. We don't know about you, but we're suddenly excited for our alarm clock to go off tomorrow morning.