Why You Should Consider Adding Protein Powder To Your Oatmeal

It might be time to elevate your morning bowl of oats with a protein infusion. According to Runner's World, eating just 30 grams of protein at breakfast has a major impact. To start, the protein will keep you satiated for longer because protein suppresses the release of ghrelin, which is the hormone that makes you feel hungry. This can help you maintain or lose weight, since you aren't likely to binge when full.

Runner's World also points out that eating muscle-building protein first thing in the morning prior to a workout will help build muscle instead of tapping your body's protein stores, which are meant for recovery.

While oatmeal is considered a slow digesting carb, it can spike blood glucose levels, particularly if you opt for the instant variety. According to Diabetes Every Day, avoid insulin spikes by choosing oats higher in fiber like steel cut or rolled and by making sure to eat a protein along with the oatmeal.

According to Clean Eating, eating a high-protein breakfast is good for your heart. Consuming protein first thing upon waking has been shown to keep blood pressure at a healthy range. High blood pressure is linked to cardiovascular disease, including heart disease and stroke.

How protein powder elevates your oats

Even with all the breakfast benefits of protein, research shows that Americans eat the majority of this macronutrient with dinner, not breakfast, according to The Washington Post. The good news for oatmeal lovers is you don't need to ditch your morning oats; just add a protein source to your daily bowl. While some folks swear by adding an egg, those living a plant-based lifestyle can get their 30 grams with a scoop (or two) of protein powder.

In addition to adding some muscle-building power to your morning, Bites of Wellness says that adding protein powder gives oatmeal a creamier texture. Plus, the plethora of protein powder flavors available — without added sugars — are a boon to those who love the flavor of instant oats but hate that the added processing makes it less healthy. Bites of Wellness suggests adding a bit more liquid to the oats if supplementing with the protein powder, especially vegan brands. Eating Bird Food says you can even use protein powder to enhance your overnight oats.