The Maple-Kissed Starbucks Latte You Might Have Missed

Whether you're a daily coffee drinker or someone who just likes to treat yourself with a cup of joe on occasion, chances are you've visited one of megachain Starbucks' more than 33,800 global locations (via Statista). Boasting both deliciously slurpable iced coffee drinks as well as soothingly sippable hot drinks, Starbucks' extensive menu offers something for everyone, from a turbocharged nitro cold brew to a sweet caramel macchiato.

Seeing as how the chain is a noted purveyor of hot drinks, it makes a lot of sense that Starbucks' annual offerings of seasonal fall beverages are often hotly (pun intended) anticipated. This is, after all, the place that invented the famed Pumpkin Spice Latte back in 2003 (via Starbucks), and has followed up on the drink's smashing success with other extremely popular fall drinks, such as the Apple Crisp Macchiato and the Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew. 

But if you happened to savor the nutty, syrupy fall latte that Starbucks was steaming up in North American stores back in 2017, you might get another chance to enjoy one this season — if you live in Latin America or the Caribbean, that is.

The Maple Pecan Latte is back in select south-of-the-border locations

If you love pecans and maple syrup, you might have been excited back in the fall of 2017, when coffee giant Starbucks brought a second autumn-themed latte onto its menu: the Maple Pecan Latte (via Starbucks). Featuring espresso, steamed milk, maple pecan sauce, and an "autumn sugar topping," (via Starbucks), the drink was available hot, iced, or blended into a Frappuccino — if you lived near select United States or Canadian locations. This fall, if you've been missing the nutty latte and you happen to live in Latin America or the Caribbean, you might be able to score one as Starbucks announced earlier this month that it would be bringing the drink back in these locations.

"Our espresso shot is the core of our handcrafted beverages," Debbie Antonio, of Starbucks' Beverage Research and Development team, wrote about the Maple Pecan Latte back in 2017. "The flavors of maple and pecan perfectly balance the inherent sweet and nutty flavors of espresso. The result is a smooth and well-rounded handcrafted beverage that customers can personalize to truly make theirs."

Our tip: If you happen to be lucky enough be living in a steamy, humid climate, you're probably going to want to skip the hot option and go straight for iced or blended.