Krispy Kreme's 2022 Halloween Collection Features 4 Adorable Donuts

The first Krispy Kreme location opened its doors — or, rather, its window — in North Carolina in 1937, according to Krispy Kreme's website. Vernon Rudolph was selling his donuts to local grocery stores, but the scent inspired people walking by to stop in and inquire about the sweet treats. Rudolph cut a hole in the outer wall to create a window, allowing people walking by to stop and snag a donut from the sidewalk.

The original recipe for a yeast-raised doughnut had been purchased from a New Orleans French chef (and may have used mashed potatoes in the sweet treats!) Thanks to the popularity of Krispy Kreme's locations, a plant was opened to mass produce the donut mix. The plant made sure that each location's donuts tasted the same, for customer satisfaction across the board.

Though the original recipe has stayed the same, Krispy Kreme often celebrates events with specialty donut releases, like the Artemis I space mission, and summertime ice cream-inspired flavors, and Halloween is no different. You won't find any tricks with these sweet treats, however, because Krispy Kreme just released their donuts for the Halloween season.

These new treats are scary good

Krispy Kreme has become "Krispy Skreme" to celebrate the spooky season. The donut company just released its Halloween-themed donuts alongside a sweet new drink, per its website. The Freaky Frozen Chiller is a blend of sweet wild grape and green apple slushies, with a green apple drizzle along the sides of the cup.

The Spooky Spider Doughnut features chocolate icing and cookie pieces over an original glazed donut, with an iced spiderweb and sugar spider to top it off. The Boo Batter Doughnut is filled with cake batter, and topped with neon green icing, sugar sprinkles, and a sugar ghost. The other filled donut is the Scaredy Cat Doughnut, with an original Kreme filling, coated in purple icing, green frosting, and chocolate icing, and a small chocolate cat to top it off. The fourth and final donut, the Neon Orange Sprinkle Doughnut, is an original donut covered in orange icing and topped with Halloween-themed sprinkles.

Krispy Kreme's Halloween donuts are available in stores now through October 31st, individually or as part of the Haunted House Dozen. Plus, on Halloween, if guests stop in wearing a costume, they can snag one free donut of choice, with no purchase necessary, as per BusinessWire.