How Krispy Kreme Is Celebrating The Artemis I Space Mission

Artemis I is the first of NASA's complex mission series to explore the moon, according to the NASA website. While they state that the first flight is unmanned, carrying small satellites to do the exploration instead, its goal is to lay the foundation for future human exploration into space.

The launch has been postponed after attempting to launch August 29, after one of the rocket's four engines had an issue, reports CNN. They report that while the engine may be running correctly, tests on the bleed system were not successful. Crews are working to resolve the issue, and the rocket could reportedly launch as soon as Friday, September 2, if future tests are successful.

We don't need an exploration mission to know that the moon isn't really made of cheese, despite the myth, but Krispy Kreme is still playing along with the saying with their release of a new donut to celebrate Artemis I's impending launch.

The moon isn't made of cheese, but this filling is

Krispy Kreme's moon-themed donut is only available for sale on Monday, August 29 — the original date that Artemis I was supposed to launch, per their website. Their fluffy original donut recipe will be stuffed with their Cheesecake KREME filling and the top of the donut will be dipped in Cookies 'n KREME icing. The icing features a swirl of crumbled cookie pieces meant to mimic the look of the moon's craters.

The limited-edition donuts — dubbed the Artemis Moon Donuts — will be available for purchase individually, or as part of the Artemis Moon Dozen pack. The latter features six original glazed donuts and six Artemis Moon donuts.

Though the Artemis I test flight mission was called off for the day, Krispy Kreme posted to their Facebook page that they will still be celebrating the attempted launch with the donuts. You can find participating locations in the U.S. and Canada or pre-order the donuts on their website.