Krispy Kreme's New Donuts Are Inspired By 3 Ice Cream Truck Classics

While actual ice cream trucks may be harder to track down this summer due to inflation and high gas prices, Krispy Kreme is here to ensure you get a taste of your favorite treats, albeit in doughnut form.

That's right, as part of its 85th birthday celebration, the beloved doughnut chain has partnered with Popsicle and Good Humor to recreate some of your favorite ice cream truck treats as doughnuts. According to a press release shared by Krispy Kreme, three new limited-time offer doughnuts will be released at participating stores on July 18 inspired by the Popsicle Firecracker, the Vanilla King Cone, and the Creamsicle.

The Firecracker doughnut is an original glazed doughnut dipped in blue raspberry sugar and topped with white and red icing inspired by the classic Firecracker flavors, the Vanilla King Cone doughnut is filled with vanilla custard Kreme, dipped in chocolate, and topped with a combination of sugar cone pieces, peanuts, and chocolate drizzle, and the Creamsicle doughnut is filled with vanilla custard Kreme, iced with a Creamsicle-inspired orange icing, and topped with a drizzle of white icing and sprinkles (per Food & Wine).

Additionally, the brand will release a Creamsicle-inspired chiller, a frozen drink made with a creamy frappe base and orange flavoring (via Krispy Kreme).

Krispy Kreme is celebrating a summer of specials

The ice cream truck trio is the latest in a chain of special promotions Krispy Kreme has launched this summer as part of its birthday celebration. While you may have already missed the opportunity to snag a dozen doughnuts for just 85 cents (per People) there are still plenty of deals in the works. All summer long Krispy Kreme is turning "hump day" into "Beat the Pump Day," offering a dozen doughnuts to customers for the national average price of a gallon of gas, which AAA reports is currently $4.52 per gallon. The company is also offering one free doughnut per person per day while the signature "hot light" is on (via Food & Wine).

If you're looking for unique treats this summer, keep an eye on these specials and the company's website because a lot of the promotional events don't last long. The Ice Cream Truck doughnuts are available for a limited time only just like this month's Independence Day special featuring firework and flag-inspired doughnuts and free doughnuts for anyone who came in wearing red, white, and blue (per Food & Wine).

Even if you miss the ice cream truck flavors though, you can still get a taste of your favorite doughnuts blended with a cool treat. According to Southern Living, in June, the brand kicked off summer by releasing special ice cream flavored like its classic glazed doughnuts, which is still available at select locations.