Dunkin' Just Totally Rehauled Its Rewards Program

Do you run on Dunkin'? Whether sipping down an iced coffee from the formerly-known-for-its-donuts chain or seeking out a secret menu item such as a chocolate-covered raspberry hot chocolate, you might be one of the many customers supporting Dunkin's meteoric rise over the past few years. From 2015 to 2016, Statista's data demonstrates, the chain's worldwide revenue shot up from about $811 million to $1.25 billion and by 2019, it reached $1.37 billion. Dunkin' customers love the chain's icy drinks, its cozy fall foods and beverages, and its fruity refreshers — and for Dunkin' superfans who drop substantial amounts of cash at the chain, its newly rebranded rewards program is about to get a whole lot sweeter.

A couple of months ago, users in Reddit's DunkinDonuts forum circulated news about Dunkin's former DD Perks loyalty program, which was rumored to re-debut as Dunkin' Rewards. A press release shared today on Dunkin's website confirms the rumors, and though Reddit users had griped about a few of the program's details, the chain is spinning the change as one for the better.

DD Perks is now Dunkin' Rewards

According to Dunkin's press release, its new Dunkin' Rewards program was shaped based on member feedback and incentivizes loyal coffee sippers and donut eaters with more food and beverage rewards, more flexibility around when and how subscribers can cash in their accumulated points, and a new tier of rewards for super-customers, who will qualify for Boosted Status.

Launched in 2014, DD Perks was a free loyalty program for Dunkin's customers, who could earn redeemable points toward free beverages for every visit they made at participating locations (via Dunkin'). With 29 million members nationwide, according to Dunkin', those members will automatically be rolled into Dunkin's new Rewards program, which the chain says will enable members to earn points faster. Members will get 10 points for every $1 spent as compared to 5 points with DD Perks, and rewards start at just 150 points instead of 200 points, meaning members can redeem a reward after spending $15.

"When we set out to improve DD Perks, we asked our members what they wanted to see in a new program. They told us three things: flexibility, variety, and recognition," Scott Murphy, Dunkin' president, wrote in the release. "And we did just that – we solved the three biggest constraints to bring a new and improved customer experience to Dunkin' fans." 

Food is on the rewards menu for the first time

Dunkin's press release also notes that in addition to loyalty points being able to be spent on beverages, they'll now count towards food items, as well. Dunkin' Rewards members can spend their points on donuts, hash browns, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, and more, or save their points and purchase multiple items in a single transaction — adding up to an entire free meal, in some cases. And the points don't expire as long as a qualifying transaction is made at least once every six months.

If you're a super-loyal Perks (now Rewards) member, you might qualify for Boosted Status, a new level of incentives offered to members who visit Dunkin' locations 12 times or more in a month. These super-sippers get additional points and benefits over the next three months once they hit that status.

New and existing Rewards members will earn fun freebies through October, the press release states, such as 10 free Munchkins or Bagel Minis with any full-priced medium or larger beverage purchase, and double the points earned on donuts, Munchkins, and espresso drinks. If you want to sign up, all you need to do is head to the Dunkin's app.