Dunkin' Secret Menu Items You Should Try On Your Next Visit

Whether you're a New Englander with a Dunkin' on every block or a West Coaster with a craving for Coolattas, the donut and coffee chain is a steadfast source of grab-n-go goodness. In addition to its regular food and drink roster, Dunkin' has a history and habit of seasonal menu changes and one-off promotions. While it may not advertise that all of these options are still available, you can often MacGyver your way into ordering your own version of these (and other fun) offerings. 

Just like those ever-popular Starbucks secret menu items, some of these in-the-know eats and beverages are incarnations of legitimate Dunkin'-approved menu favorites from days of yore. Others are the brainchildren of TikTok stars, Instagram influencers, and even the chain itself. Either way, don't count on your Dunkin' server to know what the heck you're talking about when you order a Girl Scout Cookie iced coffee — be ready with the customizable recipe to help walk them through your DIY food and drink. This list offers a guide to some of the best secret menu items you can order at Dunkin'.  

Maddie's Hack breakfast sandwich

Most of the stuff you'll find out there in the sacred texts of secret Dunkin' menu items is drink-based, but not Maddie's Hack, a breakfast sandwich created by diehard Dunkin' fan Maddie Goetz who shared her creation on TikTok. The sandwich is simple enough: an everything bagel smeared with cream cheese and stuffed with hash browns and Snackin' Bacon. Though the sandwich is not on the menu anymore — and never officially was, come to think of it — you can cobble together Maddie's Hack yourself. As Maddie says, "You'll never eat a bagel the same way again."

Try putting your own spin on Maddie's hack by switching up the components — who's to say that everything bagel couldn't be a croissant? Or keep things vegetarian friendly by doubling up on the hash browns and doubling down on the cream cheese with one of Dunkin's flavored options, like Garden Veggie or Strawberry.

Almond Joy iced coffee

Originally, the Almond Joy iced Coffee was an official Dunkin' menu item that was released in spring of 2016 (ahh, the good old days). It was part of a promotion that also included a coffee spin on the toffee candy bar Heath, and both were available for a limited run throughout the summer. Though no longer officially on the menu, hacks to recreate the magic spread via Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, helping Dunkin' fans nationwide continue to take part in the (almond) joy.

Search enough social media accounts and you'll find various opinions on which exact permutation of almond, coconut, and mocha flavoring pumps is the true Almond Joy iced coffee. One Twitter user recommends two pumps of milk, and one pump each of almond, toasted coconut, and mocha flavoring, but feel free to experiment — call it creative license. You're an artist, and coffee is your canvas.

Chicken cordon bleu

The brainchild of the @secretmenudunkin TikTok account, chicken cordon bleu is available at any location that stocks the proper ingredients. Just don't be surprised that upon this sandwich request, you're met with a blank stare — this is a rogue item that's never appeared on any official Dunkin' menu. And besides, it's not often you hear the phrase "cordon bleu" uttered in your local donut shop.

If you want to roll the dice, order a toasted croissant with mayo and ask for them to heat up chicken wrapped with ham and topped with white cheddar for an elevated sando experience. This is not your normal a la carte Dunkin' service, so maybe throw an extra buck or two in the tip jar that day. After all, this fancy-pants sandwich means you're Dunkin' aristocracy now. You can afford it.

Other creative riffs on this sandwich might include honey mustard instead of mayo, or making your friend go in and order it so you don't have to face your server's potential exasperation.

Hazelnut mocha iced coffee

One of the OG off-menu items at Dunkin', this sweet riff on the classic iced coffee should be available at any franchise you happen upon. In March of 2018, Dunkin' revealed three not-so-secret iced coffee hacks to celebrate the first day of spring. The first flavor? A hazelnut and mocha concoction that might be more suited for dessert than for daytime, but hey, who are we to judge?

Of course, you know what happens when you give a mouse a cookie. And it's no different when you offer those loyal Dunkin' drinkers something as sweet and delicious as a hazelnut mocha iced coffee. Demand for the drink continues to this day, and there are plenty of proselytizers on the web ready to remind you of its existence. If you'd like to custom order your own, just ask for an iced coffee with a hazelnut flavor shot and a mocha swirl.

Coco berry iced coffee

The second flavor in Dunkin's 2018 secret iced coffee trilogy is a departure from the first installment in the series. Whereas the hazelnut mocha was all dessert-y goodness, this one is a fresher, more fruit-forward take on what a sweet iced coffee can be. The recipe? Simply add a shot of blueberry flavor to an iced mocha latte. This is one of those indulgences you can feel good about — you know, because it's got a serving of fruit in it.

The internet is replete with various riffs on this specific drink, with some folks insisting the latte must be made with almond milk and others suggesting you add a coconut flavor shot to the concoction. (We maintain that the inclusion of coconut is apocryphal, and perhaps an erroneous addition borne out of misunderstanding "Coco Berry" to refer to coconut and not the chocolate component of the mocha.)

Toasted French vanilla iced coffee

This was the final installment in the Spring 2018 release of Dunkin' seasonal menu hacks. Try out this off-menu classic by ordering an iced coffee with almond milk and adding a French Vanilla swirl and toasted almond flavor shot.

Like most of these recipes, you can find alternative twists on the classic Dunkin' formula all over the web. A user on Pinterest suggests adding two pumps of coconut and forbids any sweetener or creamer. (We would argue that a French vanilla flavor shot, two pumps of toasted almond, and two pumps of coconut syrup constitute a sweetener in their own right.) It's up to you to figure out which combination of milk and flavoring satisfies your sweet tooth, so have fun with it!

This is a great recipe to recommend to your dairy-free friends, or anybody who prefers their coffee to taste like a bowl of ice cream.

DIY donut decorating kit

Looking for a fun Sunday morning activity for the kids? Or maybe a budget date night? Whatever the occasion, you can order plain, unglazed donuts and purchase frosting and sprinkles on the side to make a DIY decorate-your-own-donut kit at participating Dunkin' locations.

According to Dunkin', this offering has a cute origin story. At the beginning of the pandemic, California Dunkin' franchisee and father of three Matt Cobo was looking for ways to keep his kids entertained while stuck at home. One of Cobo's employees was facing the same problem, and after a successful trial run with her own children she suggested to Cobo that he start selling DIY Dunkin' Donut Kits for kids to decorate at home.Cobo's sister started dropping off free kits on the doorsteps of friends and family and texting them "You've been Dunk'd!" The idea spread, and soon stores across the nation were offering official kits to keep kids entertained while stuck inside. 

If it's no longer in stock, try holding out until October. The Dunkin' DIY Halloween Donut Kit returned in 2021 and may make another appearance this year. 

Girl Scout Cookie iced coffee

If you missed out on Girl Scout cookies this year, you can still get your Samoa fix at Dunkin'. You won't find the Girl Scout Cookie iced coffee on any official menu, but you might find it on supermarket shelves. In March of 2021, Dunkin' announced a partnership with The Coca-Cola company to produce ready-to-drink bottled iced coffee in Thin Mints, Coconut Caramel, and S'mores flavors.

Of course, crafty Dunkin' fans on TikTok figured out how to recreate the Coconut Caramel (or Samoa) flavor at their local Dunkin' chain, and we're here for it. Get your Girl Scout Cookie-inspired beverage by ordering a medium iced coffee with three creams, one sugar, and a pump each of mocha, caramel, and coconut. Yum! The drink comes with the added bonus of not having to shamefully order 15 boxes of cookies from a literal child and then pretending that they're not all for you.

Chocolate-covered raspberry hot chocolate

Another trio of official Dunkin'-approved menu hacks is the hot chocolate series the chain announced in early 2018. The good news is that these hacks remain hackable if you know what you're doing, and have continued to delight Dunkin's winter clientele long after they were announced by the donut chain. 

For a fruity cocoa combo, try the Chocolate-Covered Raspberry hot chocolate. Just order a hot chocolate with a shot of raspberry flavoring. Simple, yes? But with Dunkin's rich and creamy hot chocolate, this no frills two-ingredient menu hack is really all you need to elevate your winter warmer to the next level.

And look, we don't want to encourage mischief, necessarily, but this chocolate-meets-fruit take on the classic hot chocolate is just begging for a teensy little splash of schnapps (or perhaps another popular type of liqueur) the next time you're out in the yard building a snowman (or shoveling the driveway). Bottoms up!

English Toffee hot chocolate

This  is Dunkin's wintertime answer to its Heath iced coffee, the candy bar-inspired drink that keeps the heat at bay during the dog days of summer. But once Jack Frost comes calling, it's time to warm things up. Try adding a shot of French vanilla and toasted almond flavoring to Dunkin's regular Salted Caramel hot chocolate for a custom-made English Toffee hot chocolate. (Pinkies up, please!)

The off-menu delight pairs well with weekend binge-watches of "Bridgerton," "Downton Abbey," and that episode of "Friends" where Ross gets married to Emily in London. If you're feeling especially posh, decant the hot chocolate into your favorite mug when you get home and raise a toast to the Brits! 

If you're looking for a jolt, make this hot chocolate "dirty" with a shot of espresso for a caffeine addition or a splash of coffee to fight off those winter afternoon blues.

Coconut mint hot chocolate

The coconut mint hot chocolate is the final installment in Dunkin's custom hot chocolate trio, which was unveiled in 2018 to celebrate National Hot Chocolate Day. (Didn't know that was a thing? Uh, we sure did ... Where you been?!) Customize your order by asking for a mint hot chocolate with an added shot of coconut flavoring.

Coconut and mint might sound more at home in a tiki drink than a hot chocolate, but trust us — this drink provides just the right balance of bright, energetic flavors and rich, soothing goodness to help keep you warm through those long winter nights. (Or those 65 F "freezing" afternoons — looking at you, Southern California Dunkin' lovers.) You can also jazz up the Coconut Mint with other flavor shots, if you're feeling frisky. Try raspberry or blueberry to introduce the secondary and tertiary fruit flavors that really make your hot chocolate come alive. 

Caramel Kettle Corn iced coffee

The folks over at @secretmenudunkin have done it again. Their creativity knows no bounds, it seems, as they've married everybody's favorite movie snack to your morning routine with this caramel kettle corn iced coffee.

Get a caffeinated concession fit for the theater by ordering a medium iced coffee with three creams and three liquid sugars. Then, take a deep breath and avert your eyes as you ask the Dunkin' barista to add one pump of hazelnut flavoring, two pumps of caramel, and three pumps of sugar-free toasted almond flavoring. (That sugar-free is really important — it means the drink is healthy.)

We're not sure if this recipe is fit for daily consumption, but it's a good choice if you need a pick-me-up pitstop on the way to the movies. After all, "The Batman" was three hours long — who's got that kind of attention span sans coffee?

Snickers iced coffee

The internet is at odds over the provenance of this drink, with some attributing the Dunkin' secret menu iced coffee to TikTok and others crediting Pinterest users for creating one of Dunkin's most famous off-menu hacks. Depending on who you ask — or which secret menu social media maven you follow — you'll  also get different opinions on what exactly constitutes a Snickers iced coffee. Most seem to agree it's some combination of caramel, hazelnut, mocha, and cream in a normal iced coffee. Some call for the addition of cold foam, and some don't. Try finding your own perfect Snickers Iced coffee recipe by experimenting with the above ingredients.

Our suggestion: Try ordering an iced coffee with two pumps of caramel flavoring, one pump of mocha, one pump hazelnut, three creams, and an optional add-on of cold foam. This Dunkin' drink brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Have a Snickers."