The Cryptic Message Dunkin' App Users Are Trying To Decipher

The good news is that fans of Dunkin' Donuts have finally achieved boost status. The bad news is that nobody knows what that means. Some Dunkin' app users recently received a confusing congratulatory notification, so they took to Reddit to figure out what it meant.

A Redditor posted a picture of the mysterious message on the unaffiliated Dunkin' Donuts subreddit board to see if any other users received the same note, which read, "Boost status achieved. Congratulations on achieving Dunkin' Rewards Boosted status. Your status will expire." When users clicked on the notification, it took them nowhere or kicked them off the app. So many followers assumed it was just a system bug or an app update gone awry. After all, Dunkin' Donuts has been known to keep some things confidential, like its secret menu items known only to avid fans. 

A few Dunkin' frequenters joined in the Reddit discussion hoping that the random notification was a leak about a new reward system (Dunkin' Donuts already offers their customers five points for every $1 spent via their DDPerks reward program). One Reddit user wondered if the boosted status mentioned in the notification meant that the beloved donut shop would be releasing a new tiered rewards program so fans could earn free coffee and pastries faster. Another thread follower commented that they would achieve the highest tier in no time.

Dunkin's message may have been about their new drink option

Donut-loving Reddit sleuths have theories on the meaning behind a notification sent out by Dunkin' Donuts regarding a boosted status. After seeing other users had received the notification, many felt relief that their phones had not fallen victim to a donut-inspired hacking. Other Redditors speculated on the possibility that they got a sneak peek into a new product launch.

All conspiracy theories aside, Elite Daily says that the donut shop, which is also famous for its coffee, is testing out new drink add-ins called Dunkin' Boosters. Customers have the option to add a Prebiotic, Antioxidant, or Extra Charged (caffeine) liquid shot to the hot or iced beverage of their choice, and the test run is taking place in Connecticut, Nevada, Arizona, and California through June 21. Still, one Reddit follower pointed out that app users who received the cryptic message are not limited to those states.

The mystery remains unsolved for now unless Dunkin' makes an official statement on whether or not its enticing message regarding a boosted customer status was a promise of promotions to come or simply a computer error that Dunkin' fans can glaze over.