17 High-Protein Yogurts, Ranked Worst To Best

Back in the day, if you were buying yogurt at the grocery store, it was all pretty much the same American-style, low in protein, high in sugar products. They tasted delicious, make no mistake about it, and we still get nostalgic for a good cup of creamy Dannon alongside a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. But now we know the amazing nutritional benefits of all those other kinds of yogurts that have steadily taken over the shelves — benefits like a surprisingly high percentage of your recommended daily value of protein in one modest serving.

So now that we happily turn to yogurt for help strengthening our hardworking muscles and bones, we may, regretfully, view it as a less than delicious undertaking. How sad is that? Well, there shall be no bland, chalky, or "just eat it because it's good for you" yogurts over here. Instead, we went out and collected some of the most protein-rich options and tasted them all, ranking them from best to worst, so you get the best of both worlds!

17. :ratio PROTEIN

We were highly intrigued by this more obscure product with a wallop of a label. Would it be as delicious as it is nutritious? Upon ripping open the lid, we found our answer. Super thick, almost pasty, and not very sweet at all, :ratio PROTEIN packs a 25-gram punch of the good stuff, one of the most on this list. When you lift your spoon out of the yogurt cup, it leaves stiff and distinct peaks that don't fall back into the yogurt. 

It's an extremely substantial product and does have an odd, somewhat medicinal, and inexplicable aftertaste. But when it contains 50% of your recommended daily value of protein, well, some things can be overlooked. Gym rats will be singing Hallelujah and going and doing a lot of pushups, but for the rest of us, more isn't always more, especially when the flavor is funky in a bad way.

16. Kitehill Greek-Style Plant-Based Yogurt

If you want all the creamy, tangy, one-of-a-kind taste of thick Greek yogurt, but can't have the dairy, it can be tough going. Most of the non-dairy yogurt alternatives on the market leave a lot to be desired. They can have a distracting watery texture that's the opposite of satisfying, and a funky taste like something's gone a little bit bad. And protein? Forget about it. Most of the time, there's barely any to be found. 

Take, for example, Silk's vanilla almond dairy-free yogurt, a nice try with its mere 5 grams of protein. Or So Delicious's somewhat tolerable offering with less than even one measly gram. So would Kitehill Greek-Style Plant-Based Yogurt do better? Though our expectations were low, the reward was high! For you lactose-intolerant individuals, make this one and its 15 grams of protein the first alternative Greek yogurt you try. It's pretty darn close to the real deal!

15. Ellenos

Fun fact: It takes a painstaking five days to make a batch of Ellenos yogurt. As the story goes, a father and son duo were making their handcrafted, family-recipe Greek yogurt in Australia, and an American flight attendant got hooked on just a taste. Eventually, these budding yogurt gurus moved to Seattle, and Ellenos has now moved to grocery stores across the United States. We had never tried Ellenos before this, so we were truly excited, especially after we learned about the backstory! Once we did, it was easily one of the best-tasting yogurts of all. 

We could only locate the delightful marionberry flavor, but if the attention to detail holds across the board, undoubtedly the Vanilla Bean is equally charming. There are some issues, though, keeping it from ranking higher. It's wildly expensive, $2.99 (depending on your location; price correct at time of publication) for a mere 5.3 ounces. Another thing to note is it has 20 grams of sugar, so if you're looking for higher sugar snacks (or don't mind it) this one is for you. But if you're watching your sugar, another high-protein yogurt on this list might be more up your alley.

14. Good & Gather

High in protein and low in cost, Target's Good & Gather Blended Greek Nonfat yogurt is a cost-efficient staple. Picking up a big tub of this stuff is a wise move the next time you go on a grocery run that requires everything under the sun (because what can't you find at Target?). But the Greek yogurt aficionados in our tasting crew couldn't exactly become Target apologists this time. 

We sadly agreed that it was a little thinner and less flavorful than others on this list, which is to be expected given the low price tag and big-box name. We liked it for its 15 grams of protein but didn't love it overall, which is okay because it's perfect for the yogurt layperson. Smoothies and baked goods would benefit from the Good & Gather yogurt addition, and it's an acceptable vehicle for sporting your new favorite granola.

13. Noosa

What even is Noosa, and what makes it "finest yoghurt"? Is it Greek yogurt? Icelandic-style skyr? Or maybe it's made in the French style, like the yummy Oui? By the way, Oui didn't make the list due to its low protein count. We were bemused, confused, and curious to try. As it turns out, Noosa is none of the above: It defies geographical genres by being simply a recipe developed for great taste. Noosa uses farm-fresh whole milk. Then, it adds three live and active cultures and sweetens it up with pure wildflower honey. 

So much is appealing about Noosa, all the way down to the larger amount in each single-serving cup (8 ounces as opposed to the typical 5.3 ounces) and wide circumference perfect for topping with fresh fruit and crumbly granola. We really could taste the difference, too! That tasty honey means, though, that there's a ton of sugar (18 added grams for a total of 32 grams) relative to other yogurts on this list, so that's something to keep in mind if you're monitoring your sugar intake.

12. Chobani Blended

It's a classic! You'll likely spot this cool and composed yogurt cup sitting in airport markets or hotel continental breakfast buffets. It helps that it comes in lots of fun flavors you can try on your next grocery store run. Chobani's Vanilla Blended Nonfat yogurt has 12 grams of protein, no artificial flavors or preservatives, a touch of calcium to brighten your day, and 9 grams of added sugars. 

We all knew what this would taste like before we even put a spoon in our mouths: creamy, mild, sweet, and, honestly, pretty vanilla. This one isn't designed for bodybuilders, zero-sugar lifestyles, yogurt snobs, or yogurt haters. It's the great equalizer, and we equally enjoyed it and equally (and easily) moved on to the next. It's your standard run-of-the-mill yogurt.

11. Two Good

Sorry, we can't help but ask the obviously leading question: Is this Two Good yogurt too good to be true? Well, after tasting it, we're here to tell you the answer is yes and no. Of course, it makes a big show of its 2 grams of sugar, which isn't something to scoff at. But it wasn't the tastiest yogurt we tried, and as we all know, the taste is crucial. 

We didn't find the vanilla flavor to be as powerful as we'd like, so it was a touch bland. It also has 2 grams of fat — oh, that's the second "two," we get it! Basically, it's a solid pick when you spot the 12 grams of protein. However, when we compared it back to back with Oikos Triple Zero, the winner was only too (two?) clear. Nice try!

10. Oikos Pro

With an eye-catching 20 grams of protein, Oikos Pro falls right in between the ridiculously high protein count of :ratio PROTEIN (25 grams) and the more commonly found totals of its sister product Oikos Triple Zero (15 grams). While the texture is lightyears better than the :ratio one, it was still suffering just a tiny bit from that same odd chalky flavor, likely due to the whey protein concentrate. 

Here's another indication of the consistency: If you drop fruit on top, the fruit doesn't sink into the yogurt at all, but stays bobbing on top. If this yogurt were a pillow, it would be firm. But with nine essential amino acids, we were feeling strong enough to keep eating. Oikos continues to bring the heat.

9. 365 by Whole Foods Market Organic

We were unable to locate the vanilla version, so plain entered the taste test with some trepidation. For those who love the sour, acidic, and savory flavor of plain Greek yogurt, this 365 by Whole Foods Market one is that. Plain or otherwise, we were all able to tell that 365 Organic delivers the goods. With a solid 16 grams of protein per serving and lots of live and active probiotics, it's a nutrient-dense option you can feel great about purchasing. 

It's also really easy to purchase, seeing as it's part of the Amazon partnership with Whole Foods Market and can be delivered in two hours with the click of your (Prime account) button. Nothing was seriously wrong with this yogurt, but we were blown away by others, so if you're ready to try Greek yogurt and have a Prime membership? Click away, friends.

8. Light + Fit

Come on now, doesn't this product's name, Light + Fit, make it sound just like a Zumba-dancing, leg-warmers-wearing, constantly dieting '90s mom? It's kind of funny, then, that it would taste so much like a dessert. The texture is more similar to a traditional, American-style yogurt — the kind many of us grew up on before the Greek yogurt craze hit like a hurricane — which is nostalgic and nicely smooth. But we did note that it contains some artificial flavors, which definitely contributed to that aforementioned nostalgic, almost birthday cake, vanilla taste. 

It does have a few fewer grams of protein than some competitors, too, so all of this left it a little lower on the list. But if you really just prefer that American-style yogurt texture and dislike the sourness of traditional Greek yogurt, Light + Fit barely resembles the stark tang of Fage at all.

7. Siggi's Nonfat

We loved the concise ingredient list on Siggi's Nonfat Vanilla Bean yogurt: Pasteurized skim milk, organic agave nectar, Madagascar bourbon vanilla, fruit pectin, and live active cultures. That's it. Doesn't the "Madagascar" and "Bourbon"-ness of the vanilla make you feel a bit fancier? It certainly pleased our hidden snobby sides. But the ingredients don't tell you that it's Icelandic-style, the traditional yogurt of Iceland that has been made for over 1,000 years. The water found in milk — skim milk, in the case of nonfat yogurt — is siphoned out, leaving only the good stuff. 

Siggi's reveals that it takes approximately four times the milk to make one cup of Siggi's skyr, compared to non-strained yogurt. If you enjoy a more concentrated product boasting a solid 16 grams of protein, this is for you. If you want sweetness and that childhood lunchbox standby, you may not be a skyr person.

6. Chobani Less Sugar

Chobani is almost certainly the biggest name in the protein yogurt business. It's also our go-to yogurt, so it came out of the gate with a slight advantage. The Chobani empire has many different options for you to pick from, and we were delighted to try the Chobani Less Sugar for the first time. 

The only vanilla option also came with a pinch of cinnamon, and we weren't mad about it. That hint of sweet, savory, and spice all in one is an expert move. We often sprinkle cinnamon on yogurt anyway, so why not infuse it? With 12 grams of protein, we were pleased to discover that the product is the ultimate compromise. A little sugar, a little fat, and a little protein go a long way! It quickly became one of our new favorites.

5. Triple Zero

Oikos Triple Zero is in it to win it, another worthy contender for the top spot in Oikos's powerful yogurt collection. The vanilla cup has 15 grams of protein, no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and no fat. That is, indeed, a lot of zeros. But a close look at the nutrition label reveals one entry that notably is *not* zero: the fiber. 

With three grams, it was a really enjoyable surprise since fiber is a key to feeling your best — and many yogurts have none at all. Even the bombastic Oikos Pro or self-righteous Two Good is woefully missing the fiber! We thought this one was pretty darn delicious. We were slightly worried that it would have zero taste and texture, especially without the fat, but it ended up being richer and more creamy than expected.

4. Fage Total

Fage Total knows itself well and sticks the landing. Case in point: If you buy the whole milk (most truthfully "Greek") variety, there is no vanilla flavor. There are no flavors at all, just plain old yogurt that is not for the faint of heart. We love how irrefutably tangy it is, with a bold sourness that is somehow not off-putting but actually quite magnetic. 

Sure, there are nonfat and partial-fat iterations, but if you're making an impossibly moist cake or tzatziki, you want to use this stuff. With 14 grams of protein and a few grams of naturally occurring sugar, it's a highly nutrient-dense decision. But if you're looking for a sweet, vanilla-scented way to ease into your day, Fage is more of a hard launch. Still, we love it for exactly what it is.

3. Siggi's Whole Milk

We've really hit the vanilla bean jackpot in this taste test. Who knew that so many protein-rich yogurts also had hints of dessert in every nutritious spoonful? While we're not replacing the sweet stuff on top of apple pie a la mode with Skyr any time soon, we are growing ever more appreciative of the wonders of yogurt after enjoying Siggi's. So here's the deal: The whole milk version of Siggi's has four fewer grams of protein than its nonfat counterpart (12 grams in here) but those 4 grams of fat do a lot of good. 

For one thing, fat is part of a healthy diet (please don't eat reduced-fat cheese, it's just sad) and even helps unlock the nutrients in vegetables, according to Science Daily. For another, as we all know, it just makes things taste better! In this case, (for some reason) it brings out the sweetness in the yogurt, too. So if you can't always tango with the strong tang, try Siggi's with whole milk, not nonfat.

2. Icelandic Provisions Skyr

We spy some vanilla bean seeds in this Icelandic Provisions Skyr! From the very first bite, it was giving vanilla bean-laced ice cream notes, which, of course, we enjoyed tremendously. We thought that this pick felt very indulgent while still giving us plenty of protein. Those 15 grams of protein are a delicious incentive, and if you're watching your sugars, the 9 total grams may bump this option down on the list for you. 

That's basically the only downside, though, so it's safe to say we're major fans of Skyr. The texture was our favorite of all the yogurts tasted so far! And, hey, let's give a big shout-out to the nice live and active cultures, a healthy bonus that isn't to be found in every yogurt on the market.

1. Zero Sugar

Considering how front and center the lack of sweetness is advertised on a cup of Chobani Zero Sugar, we felt a little skeptical. Plus, there are no artificial sweeteners, no lactose, no preservatives, no GMO ingredients, no gluten, and six live and active cultures. Is it trying too hard? No, absolutely, not. Somehow, this enchanting little yogurt is delicious, full of real vanilla flavor that seems to make it a tad sweet. It's such a delicious way to eat 11 grams of protein. 

The texture is ideal, neither too thick nor too thin, and there's still some of that contrasting tang that you want in an "authentic"-tasting Greek yogurt. You'd better believe we're on the hunt for the Milk and Cookies flavor! The winner has claimed today's crown. Now let's go and eat something crunchy, okay?

How we chose and tested the yogurts

To find the widest selection of high-protein yogurts, we searched many local grocery stores, including Target, Whole Foods, and Harris Teeter. We did not necessarily limit ourselves to yogurt labeled as "Greek," but found that the majority of yogurts with a generous number of grams of protein were also Greek-style yogurts. 

Of every possible yogurt flavor (and believe us, there are many!), vanilla yogurts are indubitably the most popular, widespread, and easy to find. With this in mind, we tried our best to taste-test only vanilla yogurts to keep the comparisons as equal as possible. However, protein counts do not typically change much across different flavors of the same marketed line of yogurts, so if you prefer other flavors to basic vanilla, feel free to pick them instead.

We also made sure that every yogurt was fresh and well within its expiration date, so as to fairly rank them all at the peak of their taste and safety (here's how to tell if your yogurt has gone bad). We encourage any yogurt consumers to do the same!