How To Fill Your Choco Taco Void

When Klondike announced the discontinuation of Choco Tacos, a beloved ice cream treat wrapped in a chocolate-covered, peanut-encrusted shell in the shape of a taco, dismayed fans voiced their disapproval. Choco Taco connoisseurs took to social media to express dissatisfaction with the decision, while the Food Network reported others speculated the move was a publicity stunt designed to renew interest in the nostalgic dessert. Unfazed, the company cited the need to manage its portfolio, thus axing the tacos and ceasing production (via The Guardian).

The company has since teased the return of the ice-cream tacos. But until then, those unable to get their hands on a prized box are left up to their own devices. Fear not, Choco Taco devotees, when chefs like Dominique Ansel begin to take matters into their own hands, you know answers are on the way. As reported by Time Out, Ansel has shown it is possible to mimic the Choco Taco recipe yourself. You'll just need some planning and patience. And for those too lazy to put anything together and crave tacos for dessert, we see you.

DIY dessert tacos

When Dominique Ansel began serving ice cream tacos in New York, he filled a sweetened masa batter shell with ice cream of his own creation: A corn-based flavor with a creamy caramel swirl. Ansel finished the dish with sprinklings of lime zest, sea salt, and sugar and served the treat with a chili dipping sauce to add some heat (via Time Out).

To make your own tacos at home, Burgermeister Cooking offers two Choco Taco recipes: An easy 5-minute version and a more complex endeavor that requires you to make everything from scratch. In about an hour, you can whip up our Choco Taco-inspired ice cream sandwich recipe, and in our video tutorial, you can see first hand how to fill waffle tacos with ice cream and coat them with chocolate, almonds, and cookie pieces.

Alternatively, instead of using a waffle-like shell, fill a pancake or crepe with ice cream, drizzle with chocolate, and sprinkle your choice of nuts on top. For a thinner shell, consider an easy crepes recipe, or if you're craving a more substantial bite, create the outer taco layer with something closer to a simple pancake recipe. Though a typical waffle recipe won't deliver the same crunch of a Choco Taco, the flavor combination can help appease a demanding sweet tooth. Using The Salty Marshmallow's recipe, make chocolate-filled waffles and top them with vanilla ice cream and drizzled chocolate.

Colorful tacos from Happy Ending Chocolate

If you missed the online scavenger hunt that rewarded participants with Choco Tacos and think making your own tacos at home sounds like too much work, Forbes has noted a list of American restaurants aiming to preserve the legend of the Choco Taco. In cities like Atlanta, New York, and Los Angeles, chefs are concocting unique recipes and adding their own twists to the classic taco treat. From additional toppings to flavored ice creams, entrepreneurs are determined to meet demand.

Unlike other establishments capitalizing on Choco Taco's demise, Happy Ending Chocolate has been serving up colorful ice cream tacos since 2019, according to Eater. The flavors are as vivid as the bright shells — orange creamsicle, birthday cake, and milk and cookies — and the homemade tacos are sold at farmer's markets and pop-up stalls in and around Las Vegas.  

Fat Taco's Choco Taco

When Fat Taco, a taco and tequila bar in New Jersey, began serving its own twist on the Choco Taco, it was an immediate success. With hand-made shells and a recipe that is nearly identical to true Choco Taco form, Fat Taco struggled to keep up with all the orders. "Every table wants them!" co-owner Gary Yip told Hoboken Girl. Yip intends to keep the item on the menu as long as it remains popular.

Sad Girl Creamery

Sad Girl Creamery's owner SueEllen Mancini has created a few different Choco Taco spin-offs and sells her unique desserts at pop-up stands (per LAist). From mint-vanilla ice cream folded into a Mexican vanilla brown butter waffle cone to strawberry ice cream placed into a white chocolate shell or the "Che" – Argentinian dulce de leche and vanilla ice cream placed into a chocolate-coated waffle cone and topped with candied pecans — Choco Taco lovers may find a new flavor to fix their hearts (and stomachs) upon. 

Salt and Straw National Taco Day

Salt and Straw will bring back the chocolate tacolate on October 4, National Taco Day. "When one freezer door closes, another one opens," the company teases. Food Network describes the tacolate as a "slightly fancier version of the frozen treat we know and love," which features a waffle cone shell filled with scoops of cinnamon ancho ice cream. To find a Salt and Straw location near you, visit their website or find them on Twitter for updates. 

Alternatively, if you're ambitious, you can make your own ice cream at home.