How To Get Your Hands On One Of The 'Last' Choco Tacos

In July 2022, Klondike made the announcement heard around the snack world — it planned to discontinue Choco Tacos. But if you were one of the many taco-shaped ice cream fans who were quick to voice their outrage over the treat's cancellation on Twitter, we have some bittersweet news for you.

First of all, you can breathe a sigh of relief because after Klondike discovered how many people adored Choco Tacos, the company took to social media to announce it had decided that it could no longer commit to permanently discontinuing the treat. However, the brand also noted that it would take some years to bring back Choco Tacos in full force. So it will be a while before you are able to snag one from an ice cream truck again. But Klondike also realized that it couldn't just distribute the "last" (at least, for the time being) batch of Choco Tacos it still has in inventory the way it normally would. Instead of distributing the final Choco Tacos to retailers across the U.S., the brand just revealed that it's giving everyone a chance to fight for the right to bite into one of Klondike's last Choco Tacos (per Food Network).

In this scavenger hunt, one of the last Choco Tacos is the grand prize

According to Food Network, Klondike allowed its fans to choose how it should honorably give away its final Choco Tacos. While three of these ice-cream enthusiast-designed events have passed, the last true way to score one of the final Choco Tacos will take place on September 21. And you may want to dust off your sleuthing skills because it's an all-out online scavenger hunt.

Food Network stated that the scavenger hunt will begin on the company's Instagram account where it will post emojis that will clue in fans on which Klondike social media account to go to next. You'll need to uncover every one of Klondike's accounts (there are a total of seven) to successfully earn a Choco Taco. However, there are only 100 Choco Tacos for fans to win, so you'll need to be clever and quick. But if you aren't one of the lucky few who manages to get their hands on this now-elusive ice cream treat, you can rest easy knowing you will eventually have the chance to savor the snack again. And you may even try whipping up your own homemade ice cream while you wait for the Choco Tacos' triumphant return.