Klondike Has Discontinued The Choco Taco. Here's What To Know

Are there more types of tacos than there are stars in the night sky? It's possible; just think of all the different ways you can combine tortillas, meats, vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, sauces, cheeses, and more. Taste Atlas offers up a list of the 22 most popular kinds of tacos, but even that just scratches the surface. There are Middle Eastern-inspired tacos arabes, stewed tacos de lengua, rich tacos gobernador, and austere tacos al carbon.

But these are all savory applications. In the field of dessert tacos, there are quite a few entrants. Just take a look at Delish's roundup of creative offerings. As sweet as they sound, there is one dessert taco that has long reigned supreme, a staple of summer barbecues, poolside snack times, and a favorite of kids chasing the dulcet tones of the ice cream truck down their street.

The Choco Taco, a heady mixture of light vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone "tortilla" topped with a crunchy chocolate shell and peanuts, has been around since the 1980s, says Eater. But, as beloved as it is, there's some bad news for fans of the "taco."

A Philly original

As reported by CNN, Klondike, maker of the original Choco Taco, has decided to discontinue production after nearly 40 years. According to a company spokesperson, the decision was not arrived at lightly, but increased demand for other items they produce has necessitated a streamlining of their product offerings.

In his Eater article, Jason Cohen reports on a serendipitous meeting he had with Alan Drazen, inventor of the Choco Taco, while waiting in line for food in Philadelphia. Drazen, a former Good Humor ice cream truck driver, was working in management for Jack & Jill, a Philly ice cream purveyor. It was 1983 and Mexican food was growing in popularity in the U.S.; around the same time, he realized Jack & Jill didn't have a unique novelty offering. And thus, the Choco Taco was born.

For fans of the Choco Taco who are in a state of shock, don't lose all hope. First, the Choco Taco may live again, as Reddit founder Alex Ohanian has made an overture via Twitter to Unilever — owner of Klondike — to purchase the rights to the product in an effort to preserve its sweetness for generations to come. Second, if you're a little handy in the kitchen, we've got a recipe for a homemade riff on the Choco Taco that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.