12 Best Silverware Brands, Ranked

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We use it every single day. Your kitchen utensils are tools of necessity. So why should silverware be boring or brittle? Forks, spoons, knives — cutlery should always balance between a utilitarian purpose and aesthetic possibilities. If you use it three times a day (and often more), then your flatware should match your style and needs. Or maybe you want to splurge on a specific collection perfect for setting dinner party tables on those special occasions. Whatever your need, we're here to help.

We've compiled a list of 12 silverware brands, ranked best to least (though not necessarily worst). These are top-of-the-line kits, after all. Within these collections, there should be something for everyone. There's flatware made specifically for style, with less of a focus on the actual build, as well as high-quality flatware made of 18/10 stainless steel (more on that later) with a classic look to its design. Another consideration we took when ranking these brands was whether the pieces were truly dishwasher-safe. Though there are ways to prevent silverware from tarnishing, whether you'll have to carefully hand wash your new cutlery (or maybe even polish your silverware) is an important concern when spending money on something that will be used often. That said, these are our deep cuts for the best silverware sets on the market.

12. Fjord

Mid-century modern design has been at an all-time high for the past few years. It seems like everyone is on the hunt for hefty, well-made furniture pieces from the 50s and 60s to decorate their home. If you're looking for a smaller, though not much easier, way of bringing that postwar flair into your home (with a side of German inspiration), now's the time to seek out Dansk Fjord Flatware.

This set of silverware was the first product introduced by the Dansk company in 1954. This exact set can even be found on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City — talk about functional art!

Oh boy, are these gorgeous ... but discontinued. Thankfully, they are still easily found on Etsy and eBay. You want to look for stainless steel silverware with teak base accents (a popular wood used in most mid-century designs). While the wooden detail is what makes this set so unique, it also means Dansk Fjord flatware must be hand washed. Combine that with this being a canceled line, and you get a low ranking, despite high praise for style and function.

11. HAY

Did you know the iconic and beloved Danish furniture company HAY also produces cutlery? Well, now you do. The set was conceived by the Swiss design studio BIG-GAME, which was founded by three men in 2004 and remains a small design team of five to seven. The line is called "Sunday," and you can purchase forks, knives, and spoons in sets of five.

Some of you may be asking yourself, "What is this iconic and beloved Danish furniture company?" Well, you maybe wouldn't recognize the name HAY just by looking at it, but you might be familiar with the organization crates they became Instagram famous for. The crates come in bright, pastel colors and fold up for easy storage when not in use. In essence, HAY is all about making the utilitarian playful and stylish.

Which flows into the flatware offered by HAY. Made of stainless steel, the Sunday forks, spoons, and knives feature a grooved art deco handle design. They are dishwasher safe, but it's recommended to stay away from citrus-scented detergents to keep them from tarnishing.


These are stylish, sturdy, and trendy. Harborii only carries one style of cutlery, but the design comes in either silver, black, or rose gold. The Harborii set is sleek with long handles and modern tops. However, these pieces of cutlery should simply not be the only set you keep in-house. Because of the design, the spoon cannot hold as much, the knife cannot cut as much, and the fork cannot carry as much. But dang, do they look good. Just everything is a bit truncated in order to make the utensils appear so slim and sleek.

Harborii silverware can also be hard to find and seem to only be for sale on Amazon. Fortunately, however, the reviews are mostly positive, with 78% of the 1,028 global ratings falling in the five-star camp; and they're pretty consistent: "No issues with rust (had it for a couple of months so far) and pleased that's they came in stainless steel. They are a little on the light side, which I actually prefer over heavy-weight utensils, but thus can bend."

9. Marco Almond

If you've been watching Selena + Chef, then you know how often her chrome-tastic blue knife set is complimented. The people (and the chefs) are obsessed. Selena's knives are made by a designer called Marco Almond, whose full set of kitchen knives and kitchen cooking utensil sets can be purchased on Amazon.

However, it seems that they don't carry flatware sets — yet, at least. For similar-looking cutlery, stay on Amazon and check out these by the brand WYT. The Selena + Chef-inspired set comes in 20-pieces in total, all mirror polished and dishwasher safe. The reviews are ultimately what you'd expect from a more playful option: the cutlery is cute and beautiful and fun in the kitchen, but the kit rusts after a few months.

If you're wondering what knife to buy and looking for an iridescent set of blades or cooking utensils, definitely go with the Marco Almond ones. However, if cutlery is your focus (since it is for this review), then make peace with the fact that sometimes you have a flatware set specifically for special occasions. But what's more special than these?

8. Fortessa

Fortessa is another one of those classic silverware brands. The company was started in 1993 by two brothers. What started as a small business importing and selling high-quality dinnerware out of their parent's garage has transformed into a well-respected company. You can now find Fortessa at Saks Fifth Avenue, Pottery Barn, Williams and Sonoma, and more. The company offers a variety of flatware options, but its classic set would be the Grand City Place Setting.

In particular, reviews under the Fortessa Lucca Flatware Set prove this collection is sturdy and beautiful. The comments almost unanimously herald the set for being perfect for everyday use while keeping a feel of luxury. One such comment from reviewers at Neiman Marcus says: "Looking for my first set of adult silverware, and I am SO obsessed with this set. Heavy, love the hammered silver detailing. It's perfect, and I'll know I'll have this set for years to come."

7. West Elm

Can silverware be sexy? Because silverware from West Elm is sexy. Take one glance over on the site, and you'll find plenty of options to get the pulse pumping. There's an elevated sophistication to its style, each featuring long and svelte handles. Think of the flatware equivalent to that one restaurant lamp that got its own New York Times feature.

You'll find that West Elm really spans the gambit in quality as well. Some sets are 18/0 stainless steel with a satin finish (like the ones pictured above), while others are 18/10, and there are even some knives that are 13/0. Overall, that's what's so lovely about these West Elm collections: You can get a luxury look and experience for an affordable price. 

However, if you go exploring for reviews on the web, there are a few blog posts from regular buyers complaining about tarnish appearing after a few months of consistent use. One such review has almost ten assessments expressing the same issue. So consider West Elm flatware sets for those special occasion tablescapes, but not for everyday use.

6. Matilda Goad

We are ranking Matilda Goad sets so low simply because there are not many reviews on the actual make and quality of her silverware sets. However, knowing Matilda Goad and the products her interior design company, MG & Co. designs out of London, you can be relatively sure these pieces are well-made products. What we can explicitly discuss is the aesthetic of various flatware lines. Goad's products — whether lampshades or frames — are always colorful and whimsical.

There are three cutlery set offerings from Goad: reds, blues, and tortoise. The first two come in sets of 12, and the color names simply denote the hue each will exist in. What makes the Goad sets so unique is that each piece of the collection is a different color that, when combined, forms a glorious tapestry. As for the tortoise option, that's a six-piece set — which might seem a bit small for the price but is gloriously trendy and utterly pleasing with a baby blue accent color on end. Unique flatware is a new kitchen trend for a reason, after all.

Each piece of silverware is stainless steel and either acrylic or resin, depending on the version. The utensils are dishwasher safe, however, MG & Co. recommends handwashing so as to maintain the high-gloss finish. 

5. CB2

It's impossible to ignore: there are trends in silverware too. Gold sets really started popping into the picture around 2016 (as can be seen in this piece from POPSUGAR), and suddenly the dinner service was everywhere. We get it. The gold adds something new and different to the classic silver set. It adds a touch of luxury to an otherwise utterly utilitarian purpose.

So if you're looking for something a bit more lavish that can keep your kitchen on trend without breaking the bank, CB2 brand flatware is a great choice. Is it the best quality? No. But can CB2 be consistently used, thoroughly washed, and still look nice? Yes. If the gold flatware sets are still calling your name, try the 20-piece champagne gold option. CB2 also offers funky, skinny silverware that looks ready for a modern art exhibit. Some are flat, some ombre from one color to stainless silver, and some are simply moody, matte-finished, or sophisticatedly toned down. CB2 tableware is perfect for kitchens that leave themselves open to the changing tides.

4. Oneida

This is not the fanciest. The sets won't turn heads at a dinner party or make your partner's friend from work jealous. Instead, Oneida provides basic, run-of-the-mill, reliable flatware sets. Steadfast and sturdy, lightweight and affordable — walk into the average home, and these are likely what you'll find.

And still, the reviews abound. On just one Kohl's listing, there are 59 five-star reviews. "Nice heavy flatware;" "Excellent quality and value!;" "This is a simple yet elegant everyday design." If that isn't enough, you'll find just as many on JCPenny's website, at Bed Bath & Beyond, or on Amazon.

Oneida silverware is crafted from high-quality 18/0 stainless steel, which, admittedly, is the least expensive stainless steel. However, utensils don't always need to be made with 18/10 (stronger steel), especially when not put under high heat or required to lift much heavier than different cuts of steak. Perhaps what matters the most here is that Oneidas are dishwasher safe and tarnish resistant. Is there anything more, really, that you could ask for in silverware?

3. Liberty Tabletop

Not only are flatware sets by Liberty Tabletop vintage inspired and elegant, but the sets are also maderight in Sherrill, New York. Accordingly to the company's website, Liberty Tabletop is the only flatware manufactured in the USA. The flatware business is family-owned and focused on maintaining community through every step of its production process — from the tools used in the factory to legal and marketing hires.

But what about the silverware? Like the Gingko International brand above, Liberty also uses high-quality, 18/10 stainless steel to make its utensils. The sets are classic and refined, with some featuring more detail along the handle and others completely smooth stainless steel. An especially unique design is its set called "Weave," which features, as you might guess, a woven design on the utensil's bottom half. You can, and should, expect the prices to be higher, but remember where you're choosing to buy from. And most importantly, silverware pieces from Liberty are dishwasher safe.

2. Gingko International

If your style is a little less modern and contemporary, look to Ginkgo International for some great classic offerings. The company's sets range from traditional bistro style to hammered silver stems, all coming in at an understandable price for the quality and build. Its Lafayette 42-Piece Service for 8 has 29 five-star reviews at Home Depot, and of the 652 reviews under the Ginkgo Bright Blue Stainless Steel Flatware Place Setting listing on Amazon, 80% are five stars.

Gingko International has been making flatware since 1977, with its latest design using high-quality 18/10 stainless steel. Steel quality makes the utensils especially sturdy and resistant to rust since the steel contains the highest amount of nickel.

According to one review on Amazon, the Gingko forks and spoons are also accessible for folks who may typically have difficulty holding silverware: "These forks and spoons are perfect for my son, who has cerebral palsy. He has difficulty with the regular items, but he is able to feed himself with ease using these forks and spoons."

1. Jean Dubost

If you are looking for luxurious flatware that makes any dinner service an event, these are the sets for you. Jean Dubost's flatware is a cut above the rest and made entirely in Laguiole, France. Each dinner service is made in France and comes in a variety of colors, from olive wood handles to red iridescent. One thing each set has in common is stainless steel, which gives the forks, spoons, and knives a bit of heft.

You probably have come across Laguiole silverware at posh dinners but may not have known. The tell-tale sign that you've got a Laguiole in your hand is the silver bee that graces each utensil right where the neck meets the handle. Just be careful when purchasing, as many sites claim to sell the real deal but instead carry knockoffs. For instance, the reviews under a Laguiole listing on Amazon all read with similar strife: "This isn't the premium Laguiole line of flatware, the price indicates that, and the thinness of the metal confirms it." Your best bet is to buy it directly from the source.