Unique Flatware Is The Latest Kitchen Trend

Spring-clean your table with new flatware

You'll splurge on pantry novelties like blue cheese powder and smoked chocolate chips, but scrimp on essentials like forks and knives. This spring, fork over some cash for unusual flatware that makes a statement.

Pearly Nights: Materials like buffalo horn and mother-of-pearl shouldn't be reserved for caviar service. Opalescent knives carved in the shape of fish, and beech-wood-stemmed spoons ($5 for a set of 3), are anything but stodgy. 

Place Matte: Drawing inspiration from the dip-dye trend, CB2's two-tone stainless-steel collection ($60 for a 20-piece set) is mirrored business up top, party on the matte-black bottom.

Gilded Age: Set the gold standard at your next dinner with Design Within Reach's Amoco flatware ($42 for a five-piece setting), the work of a third-generation family-run business in Portugal. Gold is all opulence, while black gives the pieces a touch of drama. 

Garden Party: When it's time to bring your meal outdoors, serve sustainably with WASARA's single-use utensils ($7 for a 12-pack), made from 100 percent organically grown bamboo. A clever ridge in the handle lets you rest the knife, fork or spoon on the side of a plate.